Starting from basic professional responsibilities and experiences, Chartered and Certified Accountants AHA Expertises & Conseils developed a number of services which have been improving clients’ expectations and businesses over the last thirty years. The firm provides digital solutions and services, human resources management, electronic safe box tools and processes, and much more.

The 7 partners and 70 associates of AHA are proud to provide business advisory to nearly 3,000 clients in France and Europe, as well as internationally.

One of our main focus areas is in the field of international advisory services. Our teams have developed particular expertise in this field, and based the growth of the company on providing our knowledge and experience in order to guide, secure and accelerate foreign companies’ efforts regarding their French or European business development efforts.  

Our clients can rely on us to provide them with expert advice in regards to statutory audit, statutory and group reporting (US GAAP, IFRS), budgets and dashboards, tax compliancy, payroll and affiliate services, human resources management, transactional services, dematerialization and digital solutions. 

Our work and client list has a national, European (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, etc.) but also international reach (United States, Canada, Asia & Polynesia).

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