F.C.G. Réviseurs d’entreprises SCRL is located in Namur (Naninne) Belgium.  Our focus is on flexibility, proximity and multi-disciplinary approach.  

As we are a small team, we can develop a close relationship with you and all your staff.  Your F.C.G. auditor or accountant will come to your offices and meet you face to face at each stage in the process.

Thanks to the varied educational backgrounds and career paths of our team members, we have expertise across a range of disciplines.  We are thus in a position to approach each new job from all angles.

The main services offered by our office are:

-          Audit of financial statements
-          Special legal services
-          Acquisition audits (due diligences)
-          Legal expertise
-          Accountancy

Beyond respecting legal obligations, we want our intervention in your company to have a real added value. Therefore, our goal will always be to have a constructive and advice-based collaboration with our clients. Each situation will be analyzed and treated in an individual and well-targeted manner because:

"Forewarned is forearmed!"

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