As one of the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, PrimeGlobal member firms offer a powerful range of services and industry expertise to meet your needs – around the globe, around the clock. If your company is seeking accounting services such as tax advice or tax preparation, audit or internal audit services, corporate finance advisory, wealth management advisory, or any other service provided by a public accounting firm, we encourage you to review our site and learn more about our independent member firms’ expertise.

Past, Present, Future

Though PrimeGlobal formed quite recently via merger, the associations that created this vibrant new association each had a long history – as well as a clear vision for the future. In fact, the unique combination of history and vision brought the PrimeGlobal merger about. Founded in 1977 and 1978, IGAF Worldwide and Polaris International moved on a parallel track for decades, with Polaris growing across Europe, and IGAF expanding rapidly in North America. In the early 1990s, because of the European Common Market, the firms of Fidunion International also saw the benefits of grouping together. All three associations grew side-by-side, a system sustained by strong geographic exclusivity. One city, one member, and sometimes one country, one member!

Then the world changed.


International reach

Clients started producing overseas, sourcing materials across the globe and selling to customers a lot further away than one hour’s drive. New accounting regulations meant that IGAF, Polaris, and Fidunion had to choose between being a network (shared manuals and branding) and an association (shared operational data and referrals only). All three chose association, to protect members from vicarious liability. Then, clients started merging, folding and needing niche services. Suddenly, it wasn’t sufficient to have just one member in major cities. Associations needed deeper coverage, from firms with a huge range of specialisation. Independent of one another, IGAF, Polaris, and Fidunion quietly ended geographic exclusivity. Finally came all the real game-changers in our profession. Virtual working. Millennials. Technology. Globalisation. Partners became hungry for a broader group to share ideas – one where everyone agreed that association status is important, where ability matters more than geography, and where relationships matter most of all.

A merger was born.


Our commitments

With PrimeGlobal, our members retain their firm independence and tap into a powerful conduit for accessing the marketplace of ideas.

This is our strength. Our commitment to our member firms in the years ahead.

  1. To be our member firms’ source for ideas … without dictating their work practices.
  2. To provide access to expertise … without telling them who their clients can be.
  3. To give them the world … without the legal liability of membership in a global network.


The PrimeGlobal Difference

In a global business environment, finding an accountant with strong technical skills in audit, tax, and consulting services isn’t enough. You need an advisor with the ability to do business almost anywhere – in almost any business niche you can think of. Getting to “global” is tough for any accounting firm to do on its own. That’s why you should check out our member firms for your business needs. When you use a PrimeGlobal firm, suddenly you’re working with an international, multidimensional powerhouse.Our independent member firms know and care about each other – which makes them masters of the seamless transition. You get the best of all possible worlds: a local firm that really knows you and your business, and international connections that travel at the speed of light.

Global Reach. Local Understanding. Personal Connections. A unique value proposition to make your business soar. That’s the power of PrimeGlobal.


Services & Industries

PrimeGlobal member firms offer a wide range of services across a broad spectrum of industries. PrimeGlobal's 300+ highly successful member firms offer vast experience and international connections in order to provide expert services to their clients. Find out more about PrimeGlobal member firm's expert services and diverse industries by clicking HERE> or on the image on right.