George Guo

George Guo

Executive Director Asia Pacific

George oversees development and member support for the Asia Pacific region, focusing on recruitment and retention, leadership and enhancing the member value for the region. George has over 28 years of experience in a number of business development, management, growth, and strategy roles in Asia Pacific, with a strong focus on the Chinese market.

Welcome to PrimeGlobal Asia Pacific!

PrimeGlobal’s 39 Asia Pacific member firms employ 2,844 professional staff across their 97 locations in the Asia Pacific region, creating a far-reaching, influential and united association of independent accountancy firms. PrimeGlobal’s Asia Pacific member firms represent our ability to truly connect and unite people on a global level.

By building powerful and long-lasting connections across the Asia Pacific region, PrimeGlobal has been able to consistently provide outstanding services to its members both within the region as well as globally.

Through numerous conferences each year, PrimeGlobal fosters progressive thinking, enables development and helps build powerful connections throughout the association and the Asia Pacific region.

Our sole purpose is to provide our member firms and their clients with a powerful pipeline to build relationships with one another and share ideas and business opportunities.

Regional Council

Ajay Mathur

G.S. Mathur & Co.

New Delhi, India

Robert Lissauer

Hall Chadwick - Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Edmond Poon

AOBA Hopkins

Hong Kong, PR China

Stephen Khoo

Mustapha, Khoo & Co.


Tae-Wook Park

Induk Accounting Corporation

Seoul, South Korea



Member Directory

Whatever business you can imagine, we have a member firm with experience to service clients in that area. PrimeGlobal member firms literally cover more than 90 niche practices, in areas as diverse as construction, turf development, furniture manufacturing, auto dealerships, golf courses, and the movie industry.

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PrimeGlobal (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is a public company limited by guarantee and registered in Hong Kong, and exists to promote and communicate the common interests of its independent member firms of the region and PrimeGlobal. It does not provide accounting (or any other services) to the clients of its independent member firms, and PrimeGlobal (Asia Pacific) Ltd. asserts no control over or responsibility for the actions of the individual independent member firms. The relationship between PrimeGlobal (Asia Pacific) Ltd. and its independent member firms is governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company, the membership standards of the association, and the association's bylaws. Nothing in any of these documents dictates the work practices or procedures of any of the association's independent member firms.