PrimeGlobal is an award-winning association of independent accounting and business advisory firms, comprised of over 300 highly successful independent member firms with a combined annual revenue of more than US$3.5billion*. PrimeGlobal’s independent member firms house a combined total of more than 3,000 partners and 26,000 employees. PrimeGlobal continues to have a greater geographical reach than any other top ten association, with 941 locations spanning 101 countries.

Asia Pacific Facts & Figures

PrimeGlobal’s Asia Pacific firms reported an astonishing aggregated member firm revenue growth of 247% for the year 2020/21. PrimeGlobal's 48 Asia Pacific member firms welcomed more than 200 new partners and 1,800 professional staff to their firms in 2020/21. With firms situated in 140 locations across the Asia Pacific region, PrimeGlobal can provide members with far-reaching access to highly engaged experts in the region. 

EMEA Facts & Figures

PrimeGlobal’s European, African & Middle Eastern (EMEA) member firms reported aggregated member firm revenue growth of 16% during 2020/21. PrimeGlobal’s 157 EMEA member firms are situated across more than 470 locations, in 9 key sub-regions and house more than 11,000 personnel. 

Latin America Facts & Figures

PrimeGlobal’s 41 Latin America member firms are situated across 55 locations in the Latin America region. With a 5% increase in advisory services in 2020/21, Latin America member firms have begun to expand their service offering to clients, moving away from traditional tax and accounting services and becoming trusted business advisors. 

North America Facts & Figures

PrimeGlobal’s 62 independent member firms span 269 locations in the North American region. PrimeGlobal's North America firms reported increases in key service lines for during 2020/21, with increases of 11% in accounting and 7% in advisory services. With the addition over 500 partners in 2020/21, PrimeGlobal’s North America firms now contain more than 1,400 highly knowledgeable experts. 

*PrimeGlobal reports the combined annual revenue of all independent member firms. PrimeGlobal firms do not share profits or losses.