PrimeGlobal’s 157 independent European, African & Middle Eastern member firms are expertly balanced across 9 key sub regions. PrimeGlobal’s EMEA firms represent a successful, approachable and highly engaged region of independent accounting firms who are experts in their fields. By building powerful international connections across the EMEA regions PrimeGlobal has been able to consistently provide outstanding services to its members. This has resulted in many long-standing relationships with 65% of members joining more than 10 years ago. 

Our sole purpose is to provide our member firms and their clients with a powerful pipeline to build relationships with one another and share ideas and business opportunities. For more information on the services provided by PrimeGlobal EMEA please contact our Executive Director Thierry Delvaux.

Facts and Figures

PrimeGlobal’s European, African & Middle Eastern member firms reported aggregated member firm revenue growth of 16% during 2020/21. PrimeGlobal’s 157 EMEA member firms are situated across more than 470 locations, in 9 key sub-regions and house more than 11,000 personnel. 


Through numerous conferences each year, PrimeGlobal fosters progressive thinking, enables development and helps build powerful connections throughout the association and the EMEA region. Learn more below. 


Our firms contain thousands of professional experts who are leaders in their field of practice and who are consistently producing thought provoking and crucial thought leadership articles. Learn more by clicking on an article below.