The EMEA MENA Meeting 2019 is your opportunity to meet the members of the Middle East & North Africa subregion and to hear more about doing business in this area. This year the meeting will take place in Tunis, Tunisia. This meeting is your best opportunity to meet the members from the MENA region and other EMEA sub-regions, receive an update on the EMEA Region and listen to interesting speakers who will give you the tools to enhance relationships between MENA Member firms, PrimeGlobal and build clients relationships.  If you are a PrimeGlobal member you must be logged in to read more about this event and register as soon as possible! We are currently working on the agenda for this event. If you have any questions please contact Céline Lai at Find out about last year's conference HERE. If you are a visitor please click here to find out more about our global events and contact Céline Lai for more information. Follow the event on social media with #EMEAMENA.

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Event at a Glance

Friday, February, 8th - February, 9th, 2019

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Living History

Tunis is the sprawling capital of Tunisia. It is a home to a centuries-old medina and the Bardo, an archaeology museum where celebrated Roman mosaics are displayed in a 15th-century palace complex. The parklike ruins of ancient Carthage sit in the city’s northern suburbs. In Tunisia's capital, the term 'living history' really does apply. Here, waves of colonisation have endowed the city's fabric and culture with an intoxicatingly rich and complex flavour that becomes apparent wherever you go to explore.

Céline Lai



Céline Lai

Global Events Coordinator, PrimeGlobal


Phone: +1 678 417 7730, ext. 312

Céline joined PrimeGlobal in 2013 as an assistant in the EMEA Region. Today, she serves as an assistant for membership issues and event management for all four of PrimeGlobal's regions around the world.

Registration to follow shortly. 

Contact Céline Lai for more information on the event at  or +1-678-417-7730 ext 312.

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Find out more about PrimeGlobal events HERE>