Thank you for attending the EMEA UKI Conference. Attendees had an unforgettable experience hearing from speakers with impactful presentations and meetings. Follow this event on social media with #PGUKI18. View the speakers, presentations, photos and CPE form below. Members must be logged in to view the materials. Next year, the EMEA UKI Conference will be in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Céline Lai at

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Event at a Glance

Thu, July 05, 2018
2:00 PM -
Fri, July 06, 2018, 5:00 PM UTC


This year's EMEA UKI Conference was hosted in the beautiful city of St. Helier, Jersey. With wonderful weather setting the tone for this year's conference, attendees were treated to a number of engaging and interesting speakers, great company and exciting activities. A special thanks to host firms Fairway Group and Bracken Rothwell who helped create a warm atmosphere and make this year's  EMEA UKI Conference such a great event. 

The conference began with a welcome lunch where attendees had the opportunity to meet with other UKI based firms, share knowledge and strengthen relationships before the presentations began. After a short welcome by the UKI board members and the host firm, Royston Guest, CEO PTi Worldwide and author of Built to Grow gave a great presentation entitled "Build to Grow". As a leading authority on growing businesses and unlocking people potential Royston Guest began the conference with great energy.    This was followed by Thierry Delvaux, PrimeGlobal EMEA Chief Regional Officer, who gave an update on PrimeGlobal and the EMEA region.We then played a short "Introducing the members" game. In relation to the World Cup, we launched the ball and then the one who caught it had to introduce themselves, explain how long they had belonged to their firm, what their role was and their feelings about attending PrimeGlobal conferences.    In the evening attendees boarded busses which took them to the famous Jersey War Tunnels where everybody learnt the true story of life in Jersey during the German occupation. The hardship, the heartache and the heroism, in the words of the people who were there. This was followed by a dinner at the L’Horizon Hotel.

After a short welcome and overview of the previous day, Kyran Bracken (world-cup winning former rugby union player) gave an exciting presentation about leadership, initiative, motivation in sport.  This was followed by Amy Bryant (Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Jersey Finance) and Lloyd Adams (Head of Strategy at Digital Jersey) whose presentation " The Future of Jersey as an IFC - Leading the Way in an Uncertain World" provided insight into the vital work being undertaken by Jersey Finance, working with key stakeholders, brought clarity to the role that International Finance Centres (IFC’s) like Jersey play, and showed how the jurisdiction is leading the way in an increasingly uncertain world.

After a break Paul Burrows (Inward Investment Manager at Locate Jersey) and Kevin Lemasney, (Director of High Value Residency at Locate Jersey) presented on "Jersey. For Business. For Life." which provided important insight on the region. This was followed by lunch during which attendees gathered for a group photo which you can see below. The penultimate session "Teambuilding - Royal Rockets" had attendees building catapults for eggs and potatoes in the Jersey sunshine as they continued to build on their great relationships. Afterwards everybody arrived back at the hotel for a last coffee and the conclusion of the 2018 EMEA UKI Conference. 

Thank you to everybody who joined us at this year's conference and a special thanks to host firms Fairway Group and Bracken Rothwell who helped to put on such a great event. We look forward to seeing you all again. Scroll down the page for images and resources from the EMEA UKI Conference. 


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Céline Lai

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As an Events Coordinator, Céline is in charge of event management; ensuring events respond to member feedback and deliver key organizational themes and objectives. She manages major events in EMEA and Asia Pacific regions, as well as some of PrimeGlobal's global events initiatives supporting all regions.

Contact Céline Lai for more information on the event at  or +1-678-417-7730 ext 312.

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Find out more about PrimeGlobal events HERE>

St Helier, Jersey

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Jersey is an island shaped by the sea where some of the most astonishing tides in the world circle the coast and feed the land. An island that's small on size, but big on personality, where country lanes open to cliff top views and the sea is never more than ten minutes away. An island of rediscovery, packed with activities to experience and explore.