Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity

Disruption of the accounting industry is imminent. Massive technological change and shifting client trends demand a new approach to how the industry creates value for clients. With these waves of change comes oceans of opportunity. PrimeGlobal recognizes that this change is on the horizon and in an effort to create optimal value for its membership, the 2021 Latin America Conference will highlight topics such as technology, talent development and new opportunities. Dynamic speakers will deliver content that offer attendees the opportunity to gain important insights into the region and build on their relationships within PrimeGlobal. If you are a PrimeGlobal member you must be logged in to read more about this event and register as soon as possible! If you have any questions about the agenda, please contact Stacey Sanchez or call +1 678-417-7730, ext. 308. Find out about last year's Latin America Regional Conference HERE. If you are a visitor please click here to find out more about our global events and contact Stacey Sanchez for more information. Follow the event on social media with #PGLA.

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Event at a Glance

May 2021

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a huge seaside city in Brazil, famed for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, the impressive 38m "Christ the Redeemer" statue atop Mount Corcovado and for Sugarloaf Mountain, a granite peak with cable cars to its summit.

Rio's beaches have long seduced visitors with their white sand and jovial atmosphere. Copacabana Beach is a playground that's free and open to all, offering endless enjoyment in the form of football, volleyball, surfing, snacking, drinking or simply relaxing amid the passing parade of people.

Rio is a city best explored by foot. Walk through the atmospheric Arco de Teles, visit Rua da Assembleia to Rua Primeiro de Março and get up high to gaze down over the city and out to the dazzling Guanabara Bay.

Stacey Sanchez



Stacey Sanchez

Executive Director - Events, PrimeGlobal

Email: ssanchez@primeglobal.net

Phone: +1 678 417 7730, ext. 308

Stacey leads on PrimeGlobal events strategy and execution, ensuring PrimeGlobal adopts leading practices and responds to member demand to achieve global impact. She is also in charge of global sponsorship and CSR initiatives.

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