Thank you for attending the third annual Emerging Leaders Conference. The presentations and CPE form can be found in the materials section below. You must be logged in to view the materials. For additional assistance, contact Stacey Sanchez at or 678-417-7730, ext. 308.

Event at a Glance

Monday, July 30, 2018 - Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Evaluations & Challenges

Evaluations are essential to continuing this history of excellence. Please complete yours by clicking the link.

Throughout the conference delegates were challenged by Speakers and PrimeGlobal staff/board. View the list of Challenges:

  • Network with Peers through the conference and beyond
  • Report back to Partners and Firms on conference take-aways
  • Start a Leadership Library
  • Continue Sustainable Practices in everyday life
  • If you write, PUBLISH or share success stories
  • 360 Feedback – strengths and weaknesses
Cole Jacobs

Member Development Manager - North America


Cole Jacobs

Member Development Manager - North America


Phone: +1 678 417 7730, ext. 301

Cole leads and manages key initiatives and professional development programs, including NA Leadership and Emerging Leaders programs. Cole is in charge of identifying development opportunities to share best practices between members, as well as of leading the Peer Request program globally. Cole joined PrimeGlobal in June 2013, with a specialization in the non-profit industry and a background in accounting and finance.

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Chicago, IL, United States

Choose Chicago!

The Second City, Third Coast has a wide variety of offerings including tourism, culture, cuisine and more, which makes it the perfect choice as a resident city for the Emerging Leaders Conference. Find it all in Chicago. With events every weekend, live music and theatre every night, and beautiful parks beckoning every day — Summer in Chicago buzzes with energy and excitement all season.