For the third year, PrimeGlobal consulting leaders and experts from across the US gather to share updates, discuss best practices and address top issues at the Consulting Practices Group roundtable.  Not only is it an excellent source of information and ideas, but an important introduction to fellow PrimeGlobal members, resources and referral opportunities. This event is packed full of small-group interaction and learning. Contact Heidi Brundage if you have suggestions for topic areas. We look forward to seeing you at the event. Members must be logged in to view the agenda, attendee list, speakers, location and to register. If you have any questions please contact Heidi Brundage or call +1 678-417-7730, ext. 306. If you are a visitor please click here to find out more about our global events and contact Stacey Sanchez for more information.

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Event at a Glance

Tuesday, February 5 - Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Chicago, IL, United States

Choose Chicago!

The Second City, Third Coast has a wide variety of offerings including tourism, culture, cuisine and more, which makes it the perfect choice as the meeting location for the Consulting Practice Leaders Roundtable.

You can visit world-class museums, dine at one of many Michelin-star restaurants or catch a show in one of over 200 theaters. There are plenty of things to do in Chicago, including tours, spectator sports, shopping and other attractions. No matter what you love to do, you’ll feel right at home doing it here.

Consulting Practice Leaders Meeting

Steven Kerrick 150X150
“Our inaugural and second Consulting Roundtables were huge successes! I’m looking forward to repeating that success at this year’s Roundtable through robust conversation, active participant contributions and building lasting networking relationships. Our third Roundtable gives us the opportunity to build on what we started and to continue sharing information and best practices about the wide variety of topics we support, such as IT, HR, BV, Litigation Support, operational efficiency, M & A, CFO services….to name a few. Each of our practices is unique and our nontraditional services roles in the firm are special. I know we all have something to learn from one another and each participant will walk away with several helpful tips or ideas. I’m planning on good weather again! See you there.” A Message From the Chairperson - Steve Kerrick, Partner, MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP
Heidi Brundage

Member Services Manager, North America


Heidi Brundage

Member Services Manager, North America


Phone: +1 678 417 7730, ext. 306

Heidi Brundage joined PrimeGlobal in September 2016, as the Member Services Manager for PrimeGlobal North America. Heidi is responsible for managing Special Interest Groups, planning and executing the PrimeGlobal SIG Roundtables and the IT Directors' Conference.

Contact Heidi Brundage for more information on this event. 

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