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ABAB is a full-service accounting, tax advisory and consultancy firm. The firm was established in 1924 and, today, has over 700 staff members in 14 offices throughout the southern region of the Netherlands.  ABAB’s operations are unique due to our wide range of services and our client-service formulas. We are committed to providing the service most suitable to all our clients, whether they are small or large, national or international-based companies. Our clients are primarily unlisted companies, institutes, organisations in the non-profit sector and high net worth individuals.

Our services go beyond the traditional audit and (international) tax advisory and compliance services. Our clients can also rely on ABAB’s advisory services and support with regard to legal, pension, automation, spatial planning, subsidies, HRM, corporate finance and mediation. Next to that we handle payroll accounting and provide mediation and administrative services.

Our clients’ needs and goals come first. Therefore, we assign a dedicated contact who is available to you as a sparring partner for current and future issues.  Anticipating possible challenges together is how we believe you remain successful.

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Message from Hans Scholten, Member of the Executive Board

In a world that is getting smaller and where international opportunities are growing, businesses are in need of appropriate support to be successful in doing business abroad. We at ABAB Accountants and Consultants know that no two businesses are alike. Whether you want to do business in The Netherlands,  deliver goods or services abroad as a Dutch company, set up a business abroad or you are looking to optimize your international tax position, you should always insist upon tailor-made services. We are committed to providing the service most suitable to each of our clients.

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Languages Spoken: Dutch, Frisian, Turkish, Azerbaijan, French, German and English

ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs

Ellen Pankhurststraat 1- K, Tilburg 5032 MD


+31 013-4647272

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Primary Contact
Jeroen Geers Photo

Jeroen Geers

International Tax Director

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Primary Location

Ellen Pankhurststraat 1- K, Tilburg 5032 MD, Netherlands

Jeroen Geers, Director
+31 013-4647272

Boxmeer, Netherlands

Akkerdistel 4, Boxmeer 5830 AC, Netherlands

+ 31 0485-572120

Breda, NB, Netherlands

Westbroek 41-43, Breda, NB 4823 AJ, Netherlands

+31 076-5602020

Den Bosch, Netherlands

Europalaan 24, Den Bosch 5232 BC, Netherlands

+31 073-6465465

Goes, Netherlands

's-Heer Hendrikskinderendijk 103, Goes 4461 EA, Netherlands

+31 0113-237400

Helmond, Netherlands

Steenovenweg 4a, Helmond 5708 HN, Netherlands

+31 0492-579888

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Wijchenseweg 20, Nijmegen 6537 TL, Netherlands

+31 024-6485888

Roosendaal, Netherlands

Bovendonk 19, Roosendaal 4707 ZH, Netherlands

+31 0165-531333

Terneuzen, ZE, Netherlands

Axelsedam 9, Terneuzen, ZE 4531 HH, Netherlands

+31 0115-677677

Uden, Netherlands

Veghelsedijk 2a, Uden 5406 TE, Netherlands

+31 0413-250155

Veldhoven, Netherlands

De Run 6360, Veldhoven 5504 DM, Netherlands

+31 040-2942666

Venlo, Netherlands

Noorderpoort 55, Venlo 5916 PJ, Netherlands

+31 077-3217777

Waalwijk, Netherlands

Biesbosweg 18, Waalwijk 5145 PZ, Netherlands

+31 0416-339855

Weert, Netherlands

Copernicusstraat 13a, Weert 6003 DE, Netherlands

+31 0495-534252

People at ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs

Hans Scholten Photo

Hans Scholten

Board of Directors

Jeroen Geers Photo

Jeroen Geers

International Tax Director

Vincent Wanningen Photo

Vincent Wanningen

Senior Tax Adviser

Thought Leadership by ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs