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AAS-CPA is a leading international accounting firm in Israel. The firm provides a variety of services including audit, tax planning, tax compliance, accounting and a broad range of advisory services. Our firm is unique in that it has the ability to provide one-stop tax and business structure planning and implementation for individuals and businesses with multi-country tax planning and compliance issues.

The firm has 3 offices located in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and New York. With 80 staff members managed by the professional and experienced partners. It includes certified accountants licensed to practice in Israel, US, UK, and France.

Our client base includes a wide variety of industries including nonprofit organizations, commercial companies, public companies, and high net worth individuals/estates.

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Aboulafia Yoav Mp

Message from Yoav Aboulafia, Founding Partner

AAS-CPA was established in 2000 and has grown into a leading office in Israel. It includes the practices of Feldman Brody & Associates, Aboulafia Chekroun & Co., Don Shrensky & Co. and Paul Staszewski.

Our success is built on the quest to find better ways to serve clients with a wide range of accounting and tax solutions. Our ability to understand client's challenges through creative thinking is our firm's mission. We are able to understand our client's business needs, in an international environment. making sure that the laws of multiple tax jurisdictions are taken into account. This process enables us to ensure the client does not incur any unnecessary financial burdens and will help them achieve their goals.

Our firm serves many international companies and provides consulting services to colleagues in countries around the world. We would be happy to collaborate with you on projects.

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Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew, French, Russian and Arabic

Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Co.

Kanfei Nesharim St 15, Beit Hateomim, 2nd Floor, Jerusalem

+972 2651 5155

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Primary Contact
Ron Zalben Photo

Ron Zalben

Tax Partner | CPA (US, ISR)

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Primary Location

Kanfei Nesharim St 15, Beit Hateomim, 2nd Floor, Jerusalem, Israel

Yoav Aboulafia, CPA - Founding Partner
+972 2651 5155

Tel Aviv, Israel

Rival St 7, Beit Amgar, 4th Floor, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ron Zalben, CPA , Partner
+972 3 537 0080

People at Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Co.

Yoav Aboulafia Photo

Yoav Aboulafia

Founding Partner

Larry Stern Photo

Larry Stern


Ron Zalben Photo

Ron Zalben

Tax Partner | CPA (US, ISR)

Eli Avital Photo

Eli Avital

Audit Partner | CPA (Isr)

Michael Brody Photo

Michael Brody

Tax Partner | CPA (ISR, UK)

Jacques Chekroun Photo

Jacques Chekroun

Tax Partner | CPA (ISR, FR)

Gershon Feldman Photo

Gershon Feldman

Audit Partner | CPA (ISR, UK)

Shlomo Kot Photo

Shlomo Kot

Partner CPA | Director of the New York branch

Yizhak Libster Photo

Yizhak Libster

Tax Partner | CPA (ISR)

Binyamin Radomsky Photo

Binyamin Radomsky

Tax Partner | CPA (ISR), ACA (UK)

Ofer Shmuel Photo

Ofer Shmuel

Audit Partner | CPA (Isr)

Don Shrensky Photo

Don Shrensky

Tax Partner | CPA (US, ISR)

Paul Staszewski Photo

Paul Staszewski

Audit Partner | FCA, CPA (ISR)

Haya Weissfish Photo

Haya Weissfish

Bookkeeping Partner

Liat Gruss Photo

Liat Gruss

Business Development Manager

Anat Ithakov Photo

Anat Ithakov

Audit Partner | CPA (M.B.A)

Yael Roichman Photo

Yael Roichman

Bookkeeping Partner | CPA ( ISR)

Rivky Barr Photo

Rivky Barr

Tax Manager | CPA (US, ISR)

Rivka Calitchi Photo

Rivka Calitchi

Audit Partner | CPA ( ISR)

Rachel Friend Photo

Rachel Friend

Tax Manager | Tax Advisor (ISR)

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