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Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina since 1991, Bauknight Pietras & Stormer (BPS) is proud to represent international, national and local clients located in South Carolina’s rapidly expanding, pro-business environment. BPS serves as the preferred strategic partner of privately held businesses and wealthy individuals, providing tax, accounting & assurance, and business consulting services. In addition, we are a national leader in both the telecommunications and property & casualty insurance industries, emphasizing captive insurance.

Regionally, we primarily represent clients in construction, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, real estate, professional services, employee benefit plans and serve as personal representative/special administrator/trustee of large estates and trusts, as well as counsel high net worth individuals and families on estate, and gift and trust planning, helping them preserve wealth while meeting legal requirements. In addition, our firm is actively engaged in South Carolina’s entrepreneurial community, advising startup companies, as well as multi-national companies seeking to do business in the U.S.

At the core of our business, you’ll find qualities such as knowledge, integrity, professionalism, responsiveness, and an unwavering focus on staying abreast - and in many cases ahead of - the near constant changes in regulations, technology and markets. Combined with the trust placed in us by our clients and our position as a valued advisor and strategist, these attributes give us the honored ability to play a critical role in the businesses and lives of our clients.

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A Message from Russell Bauknight, Managing Shareholder

Welcome from Bauknight Pietras & Stormer, P.A., one of the fastest-growing regional tax and assurance consulting firms in the Southeastern United States. From our office in Columbia, South Carolina, we serve as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to an international, national, and local clientele in a range of industries. Our people have particular expertise in telecommunications, property and casualty insurance industry with an emphasis on captive insurance, trust and estate administration, privately held companies, music business operations, and multi-national companies seeking to do business in the United States.

Since our founding in 1991, we’ve carefully built a team of forward-looking individuals that now exceeds 77 professionals, including 42 CPAs. What sets BPS apart is our passion for helping people excel, recognizing that success requires a balance of professional and personal growth. Thus we invest generously in programs that advance professional development as well as personal enrichment. As a result, you find BPS people in corporate boardrooms and on ball fields, advising business owners and individuals, leading sessions at professional conferences or a group up the Palmetto Trail. It’s a winning approach for our people, our firm and our clients.

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Languages Spoken: English, German, Hindi, Gujarati and Russian

Bauknight Pietras & Stormer, P.A.

1501 Main St, Suite 600, Columbia, SC 29201

+1 803 771 8943

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1501 Main St, Suite 600, Columbia, SC 29201, United States

Chris Stormer, Shareholder
+1 803 771 8943

People at Bauknight Pietras & Stormer, P.A.

Jesse Swearingen Photo

Jesse Swearingen


Russell Bauknight Photo

Russell Bauknight

Managing Shareholder, Tax Partner

Beth Bauknight Photo

Beth Bauknight

Tax Partner

Ken Bauknight Photo

Ken Bauknight


Denise Hudson Photo

Denise Hudson

Tax Shareholder

Bryan Hudson Photo

Bryan Hudson


Michael McGovern Photo

Michael McGovern


Thomas Pietras Photo

Thomas Pietras


Christian Stormer Photo

Christian Stormer


Jay Swearingen Photo

Jay Swearingen


Clark Cooper Photo

Clark Cooper

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Ben Glenn Photo

Ben Glenn


Rory King Photo

Rory King

Tax Senior Manager

Stacy Stokes Photo

Stacy Stokes


Brett Thomas Photo

Brett Thomas

Audit Manager

Marty McClellan Photo

Marty McClellan


Allyson Bartley Photo

Allyson Bartley

Tax Senior Manager

Amanda Brinkley Photo

Amanda Brinkley

Senior Manager

Shari Howell Photo

Shari Howell


Monica Gaddis Photo

Monica Gaddis

Tax Manager

Brittany Hannon Photo

Brittany Hannon

Audit Manager

Barbara Luksik Photo

Barbara Luksik

Senior Tax Manager

Kyle McLeland Photo

Kyle McLeland

Audit Senior

Tony Perricelli Photo

Tony Perricelli

Senior Manager

Elizabeth Wadsworth Photo

Elizabeth Wadsworth

Audit Manager

David Ward Photo

David Ward


Lauren Addy Photo

Lauren Addy

Tax Supervisor

Breonna Belton Photo

Breonna Belton

Incoming Tax Associate

Amy Long Photo

Amy Long

Staff Auditor

Kaitlyn Bowie Photo

Kaitlyn Bowie

Audit Associate

Ben Domingue Photo

Ben Domingue

Audit Associate

Cora Foshee Photo

Cora Foshee

Tax Associate

Cimone Francis Photo

Cimone Francis


Paul Ham Photo

Paul Ham

Tax Staff

Kristen Jerome Photo

Kristen Jerome

Senior Manager

Shellie Johnson Photo

Shellie Johnson

Senior Manager

Sara Knight Photo

Sara Knight

Tax Manager

Benjamin Lynch Photo

Benjamin Lynch

Senior Tax Manager

Stephen Lynch Photo

Stephen Lynch

Audit Associate

David Mead Photo

David Mead


Paul Medlin Photo

Paul Medlin

Senior Manager

Lindsay Medlin Photo

Lindsay Medlin

Senior Manager

Erin Ress Photo

Erin Ress

Tax Associate

Rachael Risinger Photo

Rachael Risinger

Audit Associate

Christian Travers Photo

Christian Travers

Tax Associate

William Weesner Photo

William Weesner


Laurence Rushe Photo

Laurence Rushe

Tax Associate

Sean Battle Photo

Sean Battle


Kevin Bauknight Photo

Kevin Bauknight

Tax Supervisor

Matthew Craven Photo

Matthew Craven

Audit Staff

Ashley Giancola Photo

Ashley Giancola

Audit Manager

Ellen Hagins Photo

Ellen Hagins

Advanced Accountant

Danielle Harris Photo

Danielle Harris

Audit Senior

Allyson Hayenga Photo

Allyson Hayenga

Senior Audit Associate

Eric Laughead Photo

Eric Laughead

Audit Staff

Traci Lawrimore Photo

Traci Lawrimore

Senior Accountant

Bryan Lelasher Photo

Bryan Lelasher

Senior Tax Staff

Haley Louzader Photo

Haley Louzader


Parker Roberson Photo

Parker Roberson

Tax Associate

Chelsea Wessinger Photo

Chelsea Wessinger


Dawn Wetherley Photo

Dawn Wetherley

Senior Tax Accountant

Jessica Yohe, CPA, CFE Photo

Jessica Yohe, CPA, CFE

Audit Supervisor

Edward Zimmer Photo

Edward Zimmer


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