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We are a Qatar based Accounting and Auditing office that started in the year 2001 with the leadership of Dr. Hashim Al Sayed, a dynamic and passionate professional who has attained his educational degree in the fields of finance and accounting. We have a very good name in all sectors of the Qatar business market, having professionals from all different nations. With the intention to form part of the developmental process of the country, we expect to add more professional services in the coming future.

Our office offers different types of services to its existing and potential clients in the field of accounting, internal and external auditing, financial consultancy services, taxation services, advisory services, court related auditing services, due diligence services, business valuation services etc. We have an expert team of external auditing and we expect to add more business through this audit team. An International affiliation will help further our business.

We work with customers from many different sectors including, Manufacturing sectors, Health and hospitality sectors, Food and Restaurant sectors, Media and Advertisement sectors, Construction sectors, Service sectors, Trade sectors etc.

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A Message from Managing Director, Dr. Hashim Al Sayed

We believe that the accounting and auditing profession plays a vital role in the economy of all countries. Our philosophy is integrity and trustworthiness, which is the prime factor for practicing this profession. As one of the leading accounting and auditing offices in the State of Qatar since 2001, our ethic-based profession has been widely accepted.

Because Qatar is going to host the world cup in 2022, it is going to bring in a lot of new local and international business. The tax system has also changed recently, which will give more attention to the professional accounting and auditing process. We understand the economic changes taking place in the world and have an expert team of professionals to meet those changing needs. Our journey is not limited to the local level, hence, we have established a new relationship with PrimeGlobal to bring international exposure. We expect to walk miles with PrimeGlobal’s professional assistance and expert opinion.

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Languages Spoken: English, Arabic, Hindi and Malayam

Dr. Hashim Al Sayed Accounting & Auditing Office

Bldg. 417, Street 250 D-Ring road, Area 34, Al Maamoura, Doha

+974 4444 4544

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Bldg. 417, Street 250 D-Ring road, Area 34, Al Maamoura, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Hashim Al Sayed, Managing Director
+974 4444 4544

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