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Welcome to GC-GESTÃO E CONSULTADORIA LDA. We are an Angolan company based in Luanda, and we give support in several areas. Our main activity is related to the Angolan tax system and accounting, including auditing. We are, as well, partners with Primavera SW, which is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software). The main, the most important part of the software is the Administrative and Financial areas. Besides that, there are other areas addressed, such as Production Management and Technical Assistance.

Companies considering a preliminary start up or settlement can, however , choose to go for a lighter and, therefore, less costly representation. This is where GC – Gestão e Consultadoria, Lda can provide a service of quality in proposing to represent your company in its dealings with local official departments and with your clients. This means that your company can start operating in Angola while enjoying settlement costs which are considerably lower than those related to a physical presence.

We are able, as well, to create/legalize companies in Angola, as well as all documentation needed.

Another area of activity is related to training. We perform training in the areas of taxation and accounting, for both general people interested in these matters and for companies with specific needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us with a view to making a joint assessment of the situation of your company and selecting the most appropriate solution to your problems.

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Gestao Director Mario Manuel Coehlo Da Conceição

Managing Partner, Mário Manuel Coelho da Conceição

Mário Manuel Coelho da Conceição, the Managing Partner/Director of the firm, earned a degree in Business Organization and Management from the University of Lisbon.

His professional activity developed in the Ministry of Finance - Directorate General of Contributions and Taxes in Portugal, where he reached the top of the career of Technical-Economist (Technical-Economist Advisor), having left to hold a position of consultant in the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Mr. Conceição's extensive experience includes his work with the Elf Oil Company in Angola, where he was responsible for the taxation area of the organization. Further, he was also a professor of Financial Mathematics and Statistics at the Superior Institute of Languages and Administration in Lisbon.

Mr. Conceição was a founding member of the Board of Directors of AFi-Associação Fiscal Angolana, and is currently a Member of the Chamber of Accountants of Portugal, as well as, a Member of the International Tax Association. He is also registered, as an Auditor, with the Ordem dos Contabilistas e Peritos Contabilistas de Angola, which is a professional association of accountants and auditors. (In English, the Chamber of Angolan Accountants and Auditors).

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Rua Dr. Pinto de Azeredo, 28 - Ingombotas, Luanda

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Rua Dr. Pinto de Azeredo, 28 - Ingombotas, Luanda, Angola

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