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KAMP Accounting and Corporate Services is a Myanmar-based private company established in May 2013 to provide accounting, taxation, auditing and other business services. The firm continues to build on its professional reputation by providing excellent advice and first class professional services to clients. KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services has a wealth of experience and a strong focus on continuous professional development to ensure delivery of the highest standard. The firm prides itself on delivering an unparalleled service to its customers in various industries. Rather than being considered as an outsourced entity, KAMP Accounting and Corporate Services aligns itself with its clients as an external partner, with the aim to ensure mutual growth with its commitment to "Grow Together." The firm provides value-adding services that are integral to its clients' success, including financial analysis, reporting, IFRS conversion and on-going financial advice.

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A message from Managing Partner, Kyaw Thiha

KAMP Accounting and Corporate service was established in the year of 2013 with young, aspiring and internationally-experienced professionals. Our firm prides itself in providing our professional services with the highest ethical standards of integrity , competency and objectivity to ensure the client’s interests.

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Languages Spoken: English and Burmese

KAMP Accounting & Corporate Services

27 Thiri Mingala St, Yangon 11041

+ 95 9 3002 9882, +95 9 965 199 331, +95 9 4200 71471

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Kyaw Thiha

Managing Director

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27 Thiri Mingala St, Yangon 11041, Myanmar

Kyaw Thiha
+ 95 9 3002 9882, +95 9 965 199 331, +95 9 4200 71471

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Kyaw Thiha

Managing Director

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