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Our services are geared to special issues of concern to our clients in the fields of finance, law and taxes. By working in a team made up of attorneys, auditors and tax advisors, we have more extensive qualifications than a normal business law firm. In addition to advice from specialists, we can above all offer multi-disciplinary counselling such as assisting in company transactions, finding company-succession solutions and company restructurings.

What on the surface would appear to be simple business and economic issues often trigger complex legal issues. Finding the right response requires both highly qualified and experienced generalists who have the big picture in mind as well as the involvement of specialists who are able to focus on the individual details of an issue. The individuals working at our firm possess exceptional specialized know-how and an outstanding understanding of company processes and economic factors. They are no longer merely attorneys, auditors, tax advisors and notary publics – they are also problem-solvers, go-betweens, interviewers, listeners, thinkers and doers. We handpick staff who display soft skills, are friendly and possess teamwork skills. We exude team spirit – the breeding ground for enthusiasm, commitment, nearness, authenticity, originality and optimism.

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Managing Partner, Til Ammermann

KSB INTAX is your team of attorneys, auditors, tax consultants and public notaries. We see ourselves as your advisor, confidant, intermediary and problem solver.

In your search for the best solution through innumerable fields of expertise, highly qualified generalists with a view for the overall picture as well as specialists with an eye for detail will assist you.

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Lüerstraße 10-12, Hannover D-30175

+49 511 85 40 40

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Lüerstraße 10-12, Hannover D-30175, Germany

Til Ammermann, Managing Partner
+49 511 85 40 40

Celle, Germany

Hannoversche Str. 57, Celle D-29221, Germany

+49 51 41 933 53 0

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