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Since our founding in 1980, Lutz has steadily grown because of our integrity, work ethic and collaboration to become the largest locally owned firm of its kind in Nebraska. Our clients' goals are our goals and we believe that understanding our clients is a vital part of getting to the bottom line and ensuring their success. We provide accounting services such as tax, assurance, business consulting and valuation. We also support our clients in the areas of investments and planning, recruiting and technology services.

Our talented 275-plus person team communicates openly, collaborates eagerly and encourages authenticity. Teamwork with our peers and ready access to exceptional networking and business development opportunities help us consistently and efficiently serve our clients. We work with organizations and individuals to simplify complexities, help them make smart decisions and confidently focus on the things that are truly important.

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Duren  Mark Small

A message from Managing Shareholder, Mark Duren.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Lutz has steadily grown to become the largest locally owned firm of its kind. We are an integrated business solutions firm and take pride in forming partnerships with our clients to heighten financial and organizational success. Our experienced team simplifies complexities and provides a wide range of services under five divisions including Accounting, Financial, Tech, M&A and Talent. Our competitive advantage stems from our award-winning culture and brand reputation that drives sustainability, top-level client service and a team approach that fosters internal and external growth. We look forward to working with you and your teams.

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Languages Spoken: English and Spanish


13616 California St, Suite 300, Omaha, NE 68154


+1 402 496 8800

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Primary Contact

Scott Carrico

Shareholder and CMO

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Primary Location

13616 California St, Suite 300, Omaha, NE 68154, United States

Mark Duren
+1 402 496 8800

Grand Island, NE, United States

3320 James Rd, Suite 100, Grand Island, NE 68803, United States

+ 1 308 382 7850

Hastings, NE, United States

747 N Burlington Ave, Suite 401, Hastings, NE 68901, United States

+1 402 462 4154

Lincoln, NE, United States

115 Canopy St, Suite 200 , Lincoln, NE 68508, United States

+1 531 500 2000

People at Lutz

Mark Duren Photo

Mark Duren

Managing Shareholder

Steve Roberts Photo

Steve Roberts

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Carrico Photo

Scott Carrico


Taylor Kendall Photo

Taylor Kendall


Susan Krause Photo

Susan Krause

Consulting Shareholder

Shawn Wederquist Photo

Shawn Wederquist

Audit Shareholder

Sam Addy Photo

Sam Addy

Shareholder - Audit

Merrick Aurora Photo

Merrick Aurora

Marketing Manager

Chris Bouchard Photo

Chris Bouchard

Director of Talent

Ashley Englund Photo

Ashley Englund

Tax Director

Jeremy Evans Photo

Jeremy Evans


Stephanie Hand Photo

Stephanie Hand

HR Shareholder

Joseph Hartman Photo

Joseph Hartman

Audit Director

Thomas Helligso Photo

Thomas Helligso


Aaron Hoffman Photo

Aaron Hoffman

Tax Director

Jim Honz Photo

Jim Honz


Robert Keenan Photo

Robert Keenan

Chief Risk & Information Officer

Steve Kenney Photo

Steve Kenney


Jerad Knott Photo

Jerad Knott


Patrick Knowles Photo

Patrick Knowles

Shareholder: Accounting & Auditing

Scott Kroeger Photo

Scott Kroeger


Kelly Martinson Photo

Kelly Martinson

Tax Shareholder

Scott Miller Photo

Scott Miller

Client Accounting Services Director

Ronald Nebbia Photo

Ronald Nebbia


Michael Perry Photo

Michael Perry


Pam Riley Photo

Pam Riley

Tax and CAS Director

Russell Smith Photo

Russell Smith


Curtis Thompson Photo

Curtis Thompson

Tax Director

Jim Tichota Photo

Jim Tichota

Shareholder - Tax

Stacy Watson Photo

Stacy Watson


Joseph Donovan Photo

Joseph Donovan


Sharissa Fernau Photo

Sharissa Fernau

Operations Director of Accounting

Kyle Hofeldt Photo

Kyle Hofeldt

Assurance Director

Juan Ayala-Roman Photo

Juan Ayala-Roman

Senior Accountant

Jim Boulay Photo

Jim Boulay

Investment Advisor and Managing Member

Jaime Briganti Photo

Jaime Briganti

Manager of Client & Adviser Services

McKenzie Bruce Photo

McKenzie Bruce

Staff Accountant

Katie Byrd Photo

Katie Byrd


Tyler Daveline Photo

Tyler Daveline

Staff Accountant

Mark DeDiana Photo

Mark DeDiana


Kirk Delperdang Photo

Kirk Delperdang

Healthcare Consulting Manager

Tony DeSantis Photo

Tony DeSantis

Manager - Data Analytics

Lauren Duren Photo

Lauren Duren


Caitlin Evers Photo

Caitlin Evers

Senior Accountant

Marisa Gift Photo

Marisa Gift

Training & Development Manager

Michael Greteman Photo

Michael Greteman

Financial Analyst

Nathan Hagge Photo

Nathan Hagge

Audit Manager

Emily Hansen Photo

Emily Hansen

Firm Administration Manager

Joe Hefflinger Photo

Joe Hefflinger

Director & Investment Adviser

Bryson Henkel Photo

Bryson Henkel

Senior Accountant

Missy Jackson Photo

Missy Jackson

Tax Manager

Jake Klabenes Photo

Jake Klabenes

Audit Manager

Justin Korth Photo

Justin Korth

Senior Tax Accountant

Kyle Lacy Photo

Kyle Lacy

Audit Manager

Brandi McKay Photo

Brandi McKay

CAS Manager

Paul Meyers Photo

Paul Meyers

Business Development Manager

Kirk Montagne Photo

Kirk Montagne

IT Operations Manager

Jack Moylan Photo

Jack Moylan

Account Manager

Steven Nebbia Photo

Steven Nebbia

Tax Manager

Brad Newton Photo

Brad Newton

Tax Operations Lead

Mark Otte Photo

Mark Otte

Financial Analyst

Jon Patent Photo

Jon Patent

Tax Manager

Adam Pfeiffer Photo

Adam Pfeiffer

Tax Manager

Suzanne Rasmussen Photo

Suzanne Rasmussen

Senior Accountant

Steve Schaffer Photo

Steve Schaffer

Operations Manager

Tracy Schmitt Photo

Tracy Schmitt

Accounting Manager

Tyler Schroeder Photo

Tyler Schroeder

Senior Accountant

Daniel Sweeney Photo

Daniel Sweeney

Tax Manager

Curtis Topf Photo

Curtis Topf

Business Development Manager

Shelly Tork Photo

Shelly Tork

Tax Manager

Aimee Trumbull Photo

Aimee Trumbull

M&A Manager

Ryan Wade Photo

Ryan Wade

Software Solutions Manager

Lauren Harris Photo

Lauren Harris

Senior Accountant

Emily Moore Photo

Emily Moore

Senior Accountant

Luke Biggs Photo

Luke Biggs

Staff Accountant

James Burgess Photo

James Burgess

Senior Accountant

Tom Docter Photo

Tom Docter

Tax Senior Accountant

Hannah Goscha Photo

Hannah Goscha

Staff Accountant

Sam Kuhter Photo

Sam Kuhter

Staff Accountant

Robby Renshaw Photo

Robby Renshaw

HR Specialist

Austin Sabaliauskas Photo

Austin Sabaliauskas

Staff Accountant

Jen Schardt Photo

Jen Schardt

Staff Accountant

Matt Siedhoff Photo

Matt Siedhoff

Staff Accountant

Mike Siwa Photo

Mike Siwa

Staff Accountant

Brooke Sorensen Photo

Brooke Sorensen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jen Walde Photo

Jen Walde

Development Coach

Holly Anderson Photo

Holly Anderson

Marketing Assistant

Tommy Pritchard Photo

Tommy Pritchard

Staff Accountant

Courtney Russell Photo

Courtney Russell

HR Associate

Laurie Spotanski Photo

Laurie Spotanski

Administrative Lead

Regan Szatko Photo

Regan Szatko

Administrative Assistant

Cara Williams Photo

Cara Williams

Marketing Coordinator

Jill Gathje Photo

Jill Gathje

Senior Accountant

Matthew Storm Photo

Matthew Storm


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