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Based in Houston, Texas, with clients around the world, Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP (MGA) is a tax and accounting advisory firm that works with growing companies fostering innovation and collaboration. Clients span the spectrum from small, early-stage entrepreneurs to large, global enterprises. The talented and experienced team at MGA works to help their clients navigate every financial intricacy, from tax preparation and planning to assurance services to business sales to a sound succession plan. For more than 27 years, MGA has become recognized as a “Best of the Best” firm for both the work they do and as a place to work. MGA focuses on making the complex simple and solving their clients’ problems through proactive and strategic approaches.

Michael Miller Coo Mga

A Message from Michael Miller, Director of Operations / COO

At MGA, our approach is simple. We are not about services rendered. We’re about relationships. We’re much more than our clients’ tax and accounting advisors. We are their strategic partners, working side by side with them, every step of the way. We are highly experienced in accounting, financial advising, and business strategy. We are proactive, always thinking ahead to make sure our clients are on sound footing, today, tomorrow, and far into the future. At MGA, we focus on making the complex simple. We are excited to be a part of PrimeGlobal to expand our horizons, to grow our practice, and to ultimately better serve our clients.

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Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Malayalam, Tagalog and Tamil

Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP

2204 Louisiana St., Second Floor, Houston, TX 77002


+1 713 622 3960

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Michael Miller

Director of Operations

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2204 Louisiana St., Second Floor, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Michael Miller - Director of Operations / COO
+1 713 622 3960

People at Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP

Michael Miller Photo

Michael Miller

Director of Operations

Paul D Grossbard Photo

Paul D Grossbard


Brian Miller Photo

Brian Miller


Russell J. Miller Photo

Russell J. Miller


David Long Photo

David Long

Director of Assurance Services

Helen Martell Photo

Helen Martell


Shane Martin Photo

Shane Martin

Director of F.A.S.T

Kathryn Sanders Photo

Kathryn Sanders


Pauline Sullinger Photo

Pauline Sullinger

Director of T.A.S.C.

Jasmine Anderson Photo

Jasmine Anderson

Operations Strategist

Cindy Boddie Photo

Cindy Boddie

Tax Supervisor

Jen Choi Photo

Jen Choi

Tax Manager

Eva Chu Photo

Eva Chu

Tax Senior

Amy Dang Photo

Amy Dang

Tax Senior II

Sandra Galvan Photo

Sandra Galvan

Tax Manager

Megan Guidry Photo

Megan Guidry

Financial Analyst

Barry Hollingshead Photo

Barry Hollingshead

Tax Manager

Tyler Kidd Photo

Tyler Kidd

Assurance Senior

Mary Nelson Photo

Mary Nelson

Tax Supervisor

Nataly Perez Photo

Nataly Perez

Tax Senior II

Kathy Rios Photo

Kathy Rios

Senior Financial Advisor

Brian Schaefer Photo

Brian Schaefer

Financial Analyst

Lindy Smith Photo

Lindy Smith

Tax Supervisor

Jason Smith Photo

Jason Smith

Tax Senior II

Jordan Trousdale Photo

Jordan Trousdale

Tax Senior II

Ashlee Waak Photo

Ashlee Waak

Tax Senior II

Jessica Zhang Photo

Jessica Zhang

Tax Senior

Tracee Tallas Photo

Tracee Tallas

T.A.S.C. Manager

Adam Barr Photo

Adam Barr

Tax Manager

Michael Camp Photo

Michael Camp

Tax Senior

Brenda Cantu Photo

Brenda Cantu

Tax Senior

Lindsey Gappa Photo

Lindsey Gappa

Assurance Manager

Sharon Hayes Photo

Sharon Hayes

QB ProAdvisor

Shaughnessy McCaleb Photo

Shaughnessy McCaleb

Financial Analyst

Beatriz Munoz Photo

Beatriz Munoz

Controller of F.A.S.T.

Courtny Munoz Photo

Courtny Munoz

Financial Analyst

Tam Nguyen Photo

Tam Nguyen

Tax Supervisor

Kenzie Owen Photo

Kenzie Owen

Tax Associate

Laura Watral Photo

Laura Watral

Tax Manager

Maria Zeevaert Photo

Maria Zeevaert

Tax Senior

Gladys Salazar Photo

Gladys Salazar

Firm Management Support

Sarah Stamm Photo

Sarah Stamm

Tax Department Coordinator

Giovanna Boyd Photo

Giovanna Boyd

Financial Analyst

Jennifer Carroll Photo

Jennifer Carroll

Marketing / Social Guru

Clarisa Garza Photo

Clarisa Garza

Tax Department Support

Gabriela Jimenez Photo

Gabriela Jimenez

Assurance Associate

Shirin Jones Photo

Shirin Jones

Tax Senior II

Isabel Lira Photo

Isabel Lira

Tax Department Administrator

Samantha Rodriguez Photo

Samantha Rodriguez

Bookkeeping Support

Rebecca Schrof Photo

Rebecca Schrof

Tax Senior

Thoma Thekkekara Photo

Thoma Thekkekara

Assurance Associate

Angelique Trujillo Photo

Angelique Trujillo

Financial Analyst

Nikki Vasquez Photo

Nikki Vasquez

Billing Coordinator

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