Through PrimeGlobal, you have unlimited access to independent member firms who know the culture and laws in virtually every country and jurisdiction around the world. Plus, the PrimeGlobal membership standards help to ensure that the advice you get on local, regional and global issues is sound. Better yet, when someone needs help in your backyard, it is your turn to be the expert (and get the business). Suddenly, no matter where the client goes, you are already there - with the hometown advantage going to you.

PrimeGlobal is the most diverse association of independent accounting firms in the world, with greater geographical reach than any other association. PrimeGlobal’s independent member firms house a combined total of over 2,100 partners and 24,000 employees, ready to service clients in 852 locations, spanning 90 countries. If you need local advice or support in any of our locations please search for our member firms by region, country, state and city on Our Firms pages. You can also get in touch our staff who can advise you on who to contact based on the kind of advice you need. 

For technical information about business regulations in our member firm locations on anything from how to start a business, pay tax, employ workers and contract with the government, you can also refer to 2020 World Bank Doing Business guides for 190 economies here.

You can view World Bank’s Doing Business In Guides by country below.