2018 EMEA Benelux Conference Highlights

PrimeGlobal News
May 10, 2018

With its stunning canals and beautiful architecture, the historical city of Bruges served as a fitting backdrop to this year's EMEA Benelux Conference which welcomed over 40 attendees. There is no substitute for the outstanding discussion and idea sharing that takes place at this event and this year was no exception.

We would like to extend special thanks to our Belgian Board member Stefaan Kindt from ALASKA, for being a fantastic host and using his knowledge and experience as the EMEA Events Committee Chairman to host a memorable Benelux conference in beautiful Bruges. 

After a welcome lunch the Conference began with a meeting for the Benelux Managing Partners only, during which the MPs discussed a number of important issues facing the region and took part in Board elections. After the rest of the attendees completed their registration, everybody gathered at the City Hall for the welcome reception. The day ended with a great visit to Bruges' De Halve Maan brewery, where attendees were treated to some excellent local beers. 

The next day was full of insightful speakers and great presentations which began with an update on PrimeGlobal's EMEA region from EMEA Chief Regional Officer Thierry Delvaux. This was followed by UnifiedPost Group's Jan Druppel, whose presentation on the impact of the payment service directive on the accounting profession answered the question as to whether the electronic invoice will become reality. After a short coffee break Prof. Dr Dave Sinardet from the Free University of Brussels gave an interesting presentation titled 'Everything You Wanted To Know About Belgium But Were Afraid To Ask'. After lunch, the Benelux Board members brought the 2018 EMEA Benelux Conference to a close, followed by a fun team building event.


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