Thank you for attending the 2019 EMEA BENELUX Conference. Attendees had an unforgettable experience hearing from speakers with impactful presentations and meetings. Follow this event on social media with #BENELUX. View the speakers, presentations, photos and CPE form below. Members must be logged in to view the materials. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Céline Lai at


Thank you to everybody who joined us at this year's EMEA BENELUX Conference in Enschede, Netherlands. There is no substitute for the outstanding discussion and idea sharing that takes place each year at this event and this year was no exception. With 33 delegates, representing 17 PrimeGlobal firms from 7 countries, this year's conference was a lively and enjoyable affair. 

The EMEA BENELUX Conference began with a warm welcome from host firm Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs' Managing Partner, Michel Schaepers,BENELUX Board Director, Meeuwis Bouw from CROP and BENELUX Board Director Edwin Vogel of Joanknecht. After a short lunch at the Van der Valk Hotel Enschede Restaurant, Mark de Lat from Eshuis Accountants en Adviseurs began the afternoon session by introducing keynote speaker Kaj Morel of Betekenis Economie

Kaj Morel opened his insightful sessions with a presentation on Purpose Economy. Kaj Morel is a pioneer of purpose economy, an identity marketing expert and organizational consultant and his experience and knowledge was received warmly by all attendees. His second session "On The Road To Meaningful Entrepreneurship" offered new insights and practical tools attendees can apply into their own life. After the sessions concluded attendees had an evening meal at QuaKoken Oldenzaal Restaurant.

The second day of the EMEA BENELUX Conference consisted of a visit to Roombeek, a neighbourhood with a special story. Roombeek is a neighbourhood that, after the fireworks disaster on May 13, 2000, was resurrected as a phoenix from the ashes. After a period of reconstruction, there is now a neighbourhood that can be called particularly successful in both spatial and architectural sense. Packed with innovative, sometimes controversial architecture, with all that winks to the textile history of Enschede. Town planning in which residents' ideas form the basis, the history of the neighbourhood is a source of inspiration. On 24 November 2007, Enschede received the Golden Pyramid: the national prize for inspiring commissioning. Visiting this famous neighbourhood was a perfect way to end a fun and enjoyable conference. 

Thank you for joining us at the 2019 PrimeGlobal EMEA BENELUX Conference. We look forward to seeing you at the next PrimeGlobal conference. 

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Betty Quinchon
"I enjoyed meeting people. It was the kindest and funniest meeting yesterday afternoon. It was great to meet people and think about how to do business in the future with ecology and with new thinking about the economy. We had great fun." Betty Quinchon,Tax Partner, AFIGEC
Edwin Vogel 06 18
"I especially liked the subject about sustainable economies and also to stay in Enschede. It was a great pleasure!" Edwin Vogel, Audit Partner, Joanknecht
Erik Klop
"I really enjoyed the BENELUX Conference, we had a great time with people from several different countries. It was a good program and good food. I really enjoyed it!" Erik Klop, Managing Partner, Visser & Visser Accountants