Thank you for attending the very first EMEA Central Europe Meeting. Attendees had an unforgettable experience hearing from speakers with impactful presentations and meetings. Follow this event on social media with #EMEACE. View the speakers, presentations, photos and CPE form below. Members must be logged in to view the materials. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Céline Lai at

Video Highlights

Franky Claerhout
"It's all about people, professional people that we meet. Where we can share ideas, knowledge and support. That's the strong thing about PrimeGlobal. If it wasn't for PrimeGlobal today, I wouldn't have the opportunity to talk about business intelligence. It was very inspiring and I have many ideas, that's a very fine thing to have." Franky Claerhout, ALASKA ESV, Belgium
Pawel Rzeszot
"For us it's definitely the people. A broad range of qualified professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge and of course the means and the opportunity to share that knowledge, to share that experience; that's something that we truly treasure" Pawel Rzeszot, BRK Sp. Z o.o., Wroclaw, Poland

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