AAFCPAs’ 2021 CFO Survey Finds Data Management Is Catalyst for Change

August 30, 2021 - AAFCPAs

This is a thought leadership article from PrimeGlobal member firm AAFCPAs in North America, looking at insights from CFOs on the uses and impacts of data analytics and dashboarding.

The rise of Big Data brought this to the forefront years ago, however the dramatic events of 2020 made data management a mission-critical part of the finance function. Companies across all stages, sizes, and sectors were faced with the question in real time: how can we extrapolate from our data what might be, versus what has been?

AAFCPAs set out to learn more about where CFOs are in this journey. In collaboration with Financial Executives International Boston Chapter (FEI-Boston), they conducted a survey of CFOs to better understand how they are leveraging data to answer key business questions (KBQs) and drive strategic business improvements.

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