PrimeGlobal member firm AGIC (Tbilisi, Georgia) is launching a new education platform, AGIC Academy. AGIC Academy will be a new space for sharing professional knowledge on the Georgian market. The goal of the academy is to support and encourage professional development by providing trainings for specific fields and niches that have a high demand for professional education.

Currently, the company is actively working on the development of training for 3 different sectors:


In Georgia there are a lot of local NGOs that play a crucial part in the development process of the country. In this sector, there are large, as well as small-scale companies and their success is largely dependent on the creativity and efficiency of the programs that they are offering donor organizations.

By providing high-quality training courses, “AGIC Academy” will increase the efficiency of financial and other management systems in NGOs. Through these positive changes, organizations will have more opportunities to create larger projects and attract more donors. With the detailed nature of the course, the employees of the NGO sector will receive deep knowledge regarding project management and reporting process.

Government Sector

Starting from 1 January 2021 every budget organization will have to implement IFRS Standards. This legislative change will have a huge impact on the management process of Georgian government organizations. Currently, the government sector lacks professionals who have fluent knowledge of IFRS, therefore “AGIC Academy” will provide necessary consultation through training programs.


Even though various companies offer training courses for companies on the Georgian market, there is still a demand for courses that focus on providing technical skills rather than theoretical knowledge. “AGIC Academy” is already launching a program for start-ups regarding the creation of a successful business plan. AGIC already unites experts who have worked alongside start-up companies for years and have helped them create efficient business plans. In the scope of “AGIC Academy,” they will serve as trainers who will give participants the necessary skills to conduct market research and write a business plan. For the future “AGIC Academy” plans to launch more practice-based courses and webinars for business.

AGIC is looking forward to fully launching “AGIC Academy” and creating a new platform for professional education.

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