The accountancy firm Alaska recently acquired a majority shareholding in DRT&Partners in Wemmel and expanded its office reach with a Brussels office.

Alaska is a group of accountancy firms. With offices in Bruges, Ghent, Hasselt, Ieper, Kortrijk and Roeselare the group was already firmly anchored in the Flemish accountancy landscape.

Without compromising on personal service and close contact with the client, the group is continuously looking for alliances to further expand its specialised services package.

In this scope, Alaska recently acquired a majority shareholding in DRT&Partners bvba in Wemmel.

DRT&Partners is a medium-sized accountancy firm with offices in Wemmel (Brussels) and Aarschot. The firm has a vast and diversified client portfolio and, also thanks to its presence in Brussels, has extensive experience in international corporate services. The office will be renamed to Alaska Brussels.

Alaska is proud to henceforth have a location in the capital of Europe. As the accountancy market is becoming increasingly global, Alaska indeed notices a significant increase in internationally related and cross-border questions and issues. A physical location in Brussels can only contribute to the credibility of Alaska in that segment of services.

Stefaan Kindt
“Of course, we keep focusing on the qualitative guidance of our regional clients. We just notice that those regional players too have more and more international issues. Therefore, it is useful to also have a firm foothold in the capital of Europe, with an office that already won its spurs, with among other things services to expats. We see it as an expansion of our services to clients for whom we eventually do all of this.” Stefaan Kindt, Managing Director of Alaska

That is also the approach of Veerle Slagmeulder, driving force behind the Brussels office of DRT&Partners.

“In this exciting, but more and more complex society, it is undeniably an asset if you can combine forces with other successful equal-minded people.

In this way, the international association PrimeGlobal, to which Alaska belongs, offers us the opportunity to approach cross-border issues with even more flexibility.

We are convinced that we, by joining Alaska, will be able to further build in a calm and professionally framed way on the solid basis we have laid the last few years,” says manager Veerle Slagmeulder.

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