PrimeGlobal Awarded Communications Campaign of the Year at IAB Awards 2021

PrimeGlobal News
January 5, 2022

PrimeGlobal is proud to have been awarded the Communications Campaign of the Year Award for our Strategy 2025 at the International Accounting Bulletin Digital Accountancy Awards 2021. 

Our Strategy 2025 – Building Our Future Together was developed through the biggest communications campaign and stakeholder consultation process PrimeGlobal has ever conducted with its member firms and a range of external stakeholders. 

Substance, Relevance and Importance of the Campaign

One of the most important building blocks of the Strategy was the internal communications and outreach campaign around it, carefully crafted over eighteen months to ensure our Strategy is based on members’ needs and changing industry trends. The communications campaign, consisting of outreach, promotion, and consultation with over 90% of PrimeGlobal member firms and stakeholders, is what makes our Strategy unique, and our Strategy sets out how PrimeGlobal will secure a vibrant future for member firms and the profession, by fulfilling its purpose, realising its vision and mission, and remaining true to its values.

The campaign consisted of nearly forty hours of interviews, member firm survey input and polling questions, competitor analysis, scan of industry megatrends and conversations with relevant professional bodies and experts.

As a result of this work, a clear ambition of PrimeGlobal was identified - to ensure that member firms, and professionals within them, communicate, connect and collaborate so that they thrive, by attracting and retaining their target clients, and delivering the quality advice and services their clients need. 

Creativity, wittiness and originality of the format, language, style and tone used

The campaign and engagement process started before the COVID-19 pandemic, and continued throughout and as we moved beyond the pandemic. Even though conducting an in-depth consultation and communications campaign during the time of unprecedented change was challenging, it also proved to be extremely valuable to understand and anticipate firms’ future needs. This demanded use of creative communications tools, in order to engage the audience in a conversation during a difficult time when most firms were busy dealing with a crisis. By using a visual approach with images, videos and charts, use of polls to engage members in a conversation, as well as use of surveys and various engaging industry studies, we addressed our audience in a positive and engaging way, and provided an opportunity for all PrimeGlobal firms to give input and help identify opportunities and challenges for the future of the organisation and its member firms. 

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More information about our work behind achieving this award is in the Strategy 2025 section of our website.