PrimeGlobal continues to monitor and assess new developments pertaining to the Novel Coronavirus. Keeping our members up to date on the latest information and approach to help reduce risk is a priority. You can find more information on PrimeGlobal's dedicated page HERE> 

PrimeGlobal member firm Manning Elliot gives advice on what steps to your firm should take to battle the coronavirus.   

By now everyone is aware that Coronavirus is spreading, in particular within certain Canadian cities. We don’t know who carries it because of the long incubation period. If you happen to carry it already, it is unlikely you will have symptoms or become ill for some time, but you can still spread it.

In order to ensure our teams, our offices and our clients do not spread it or become infected, we are following the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the objectives of which are containment.

The Basic Steps we each need to take while at work (or anywhere for that matter) to prevent spread and help achieve containment are:

- Wash Hands w/ soap, 20 seconds, and/or use hand sanitizer (about every 2 or 3 hours, whenever you’re up for coffee water, or heading to your next meeting);

- Don’t Shake Hands (elbow bump works just fine);

- Don’t Touch Your Face (eyes, nose, mouth);

- Maintain Distance as much as possible (about 1 – 2 m);

- Cover if you sneeze or cough (to prevent spread);

- Avoid large gatherings or groups;

We will continue to monitor and follow updates from CDC & WHO and respond as appropriate to new developments.

At the moment we are generally not asking people to travel for Clients, Courses, Promotion, or Conventions. If there is an imminent requirement to travel as part of an ongoing Client Engagement, we will consider the risks case by case. Travel should, as always, be coordinated through HR.

If you have recently travelled and returned from a high risk country or if you have come into contact with an individual who has returned from a high risk country please contact Human Resources immediately.

Commuting to the office using Transit is generally not avoidable for many. This can present some challenges to the 4th point above (Maintain Distance). Things you can do to minimize this risk are:

- Wear Gloves for the commute

- Avoid peak period if possible (the crowded train syndrome)

Think You May Be Infected?
If you have reason to believe that you, someone who lives with you, or someone in close contact with you, may be infected and may have exposed you, or if you have symptoms:

- Seek medical help (get tested and follow the medical advice given)

- Advise HR (Andrew, Sylvia, Derek) of the details

Working Remote Client Service Teams
We already have a Work from Home policy. Please refer to the Team Manual or ask someone in our HR team if you need clarification on it. If you don’t have a security token, please ask IT using an IT ticket.

In addition, if you feel the need to avoid imminent exposure and want to work from home for a few days, you can choose to do so, subject to:

- Advising HR (Andrew, Sylvia, Derek), they need to know where each person is working from in case they need to contact you, and so others in your work group need to contact you;

- The specific nature of your client work, your deadlines, and degree of interaction required with others on your engagement team;

- Having a laptop, security token, etc. available to you (if not you need to get one).

Working Remote Admin Team
Since much of the Admin (Finance, HR, IT, Marketing & Production Support Admin) requires onsite activity, if you feel the need to avoid imminent exposure and want to work from home for a few days, please contact Andrew, Sylvia, or Alden directly so we can consider the approach on a one-off basis.

Going Forward
This is deadline season, we can’t afford to have anyone sidelined, so be cautions. We will continue to monitor the circumstances, and if necessary, alter the policy above to address changes.

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