Covid-19 Updates in France (AFIGEC)

April 17, 2020 - AFIGEC

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PrimeGlobal member firm AFIGEC gives an update on the Covid-19 situation in France. 

The lockdown has been extended to the 11th of May in France, from that date, the schools are supposed to reopen progressively and the lockdown regulation should loosen. 

The government did not make any major announcement this week, most of the new aids are dedicated to very small businesses.

Employees exposed to a risky environment: Amazon condemned

Amazon's management of the current crisis has been crystallizing discontent for several weeks. On Tuesday 14th of April, the judicial court of Nanterre (Paris) ordered the company to assess the risks and reduce its activities.

The court added that employee representatives have to be involved in this process. Until the assessments are completed, Amazon must limit its activities to receiving, preparing and shipping essential goods, meaning food, medical and hygiene products.

If Amazon does not comply with this decision and does not reduce its activity to only essential products as defined within 24 hours further to the notification of the decision, Amazon will have to pay a penalty amounting to one million euros per day of delay and per violation (i.e., for any order processing of non-essential products) for a period of one month.

This is an interesting decision: it does mean that the obligation to prevent the health of the employees takes precedence over the economic and financial success of the company.  The obligation of prevention and prior risk assessment are fundamental. Employee representatives and trade unions must be seen by employers as key contacts.

This decision might impact all of us, as customers from Amazon, but is also a way to raise concerns regarding our own working organization.

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