Cyber Concerns as We Adopt "The New Normal” (Buzzacott)

October 12, 2020 - Buzzacott

This is a thought leadership article by PrimeGlobal member firm Buzzacott which looks at cyber concerns as we adopt the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As agile and remote working becomes an integral part of our lives, what can you do to prevent cyber and technology crime negatively impacting your organisation?

It is a sad fact that cyber and technology crime has grown exponentially over the last six months as criminals seek to exploit these tough times. Phishing and impersonation attempts have been relentless, and the use of substandard unmanaged home equipment leaves organisations vulnerable to attacks that are otherwise defended as a matter of course in the office environment

Unfortunately, difficult circumstances do not lessen our governance and privacy responsibilities. While we focus our attention on keeping operations moving, there are increased risks as people access sensitive information remotely, perhaps from technology outside your control. Many organisations have not considered the increased risks of remote access and the safeguards that need to be in place to ensure compliance.

When  we work in the office “bubble” on organisation sourced laptops and enterprise security systems, we have a level of comfort that our information is protected. When home machines, potentially unencrypted and open to malware are used, can we be sure that we know where our data is going? Beyond technology, home printing opens up more opportunity for unauthorised eyes to view our most sensitive information.

The National Cyber Security Centre has in the last few weeks issued the highest level of alert to academia. Their weekly updates are full of the latest attacks on the business.

We are advising our clients that now would be a good time to review cyber security provisions. We suggest that you

  • Look at Bring Your Own Device policies and provisions
  • Roll out cyber and privacy reminders - targeted at home working - using a variety of channels and methods to ensure that the message gets through
  • Look at the NCSC advice for your sector, there is a wealth of great advice

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