EMEA 2017 Leadership Development Bootcamp Highlights

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October 9, 2017


The newly introduced two-day EMEA Leadership Development ‘Bootcamp’ was a great success. Held in Rotterdam over a two day period, attendees worked through four key modules designed to unleash their management potential. The new EMEA Leadership Development ‘Bootcamp’ was created for high potentials and new partners and is focused on helping talented members of staff develop their management talent. 

PrimeGlobal is dedicated to giving members the tools and resources needed to grow and expand their "in house" talent. We always enjoy and look forward to seeing attendees grow and develop into new and talented leaders, making powerful strides forward in their personal success. In order to support this exciting new initiative, the EMEA CRO Thierry Delvaux travelled to Rotterdam to welcome and support all participants and take part in important sessions. Thierry was impressed with the ease the new generation of PrimeGlobal members connected with each other and worked to develop their potential and build bridges between their firms, businesses and countries. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended the EMEA Leadership Development Bootcamp and look forward to seeing you all again. 


Céline Lai



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