Webinar Recording: Exploring Business Strategies & Expanding to India (InCorp Global)

Business Opportunities
September 16, 2021 - InCorp Global Pte Ltd

This is a webinar recording from PrimeGlobal member firm InCorp Global in Singapore, providing guidance on expanding and doing business in India.

India’s economy is very large and growing fast. As the world's 7th largest country (1.37 billion population), and the 5th largest economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it's one of the fastest growing economy in Asia. 

Rising incomes and a growing middle class in India will result in a big shift in consumer spending and consumption patterns, presenting significant opportunities for starting your business in India.

India’s GDP growth is projected to remain robust, the Reserve Bank of India has projected a real GDP growth rate of 9.5% in 2021-22. An increase in private investment, the push for infrastructure growth, start-up culture, and business investment-friendly climate are expected to fuel this growth. India's Government business-friendly reforms have also paved the way with a harmonised Goods and Services Tax regime for a unified market, cutting of red tape, and easier access to credit.

Below are some of the key areas and questions discussed in this insightful InCorp webinar session:

  • Learn the demographic and economic overview in India;
  • What are India's major S
  • sectoral capacities (Manufacturing, Automobile, Banking, Financial services, ICT and BPO Markets);
  • What are the top reasons, business opportunities, and benefits for US, UK, APAC companies to start and incorporate business in India;
  • Understand the 'Made in India' flagship programs and initiatives by the Indian Government;
  • Discover the many 'Startup India' incubation campaigns to boost new startups and entrepreneurship, and the available tax exemptions, funding, and incentives;
  • Understand the impact of Covid-19 on major industries in India, and Government financial stimulus packages to boost the India economy;
  • Learn what are the India business regulations, sectorial checks, compliance and FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) policies;
  • Find out how you can access and setup your business formation structure in India;
  • What is the India's regulatory compliance, setup procedure for your company incorporation, audit requirements, taxation and GST (Goods Services Tax);
  • Questions and Answer session by InCorp Advisory India team.

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