Managing Partners of PrimeGlobal firms from the EMEA GASL region recently took part in the GASL Managing Partners meeting in Kassel, Germany. This year's meeting was hosted by local PrimeGlobal member firm GBZ Revisions und Treuhand AG who provided attendees with a perfect backdrop for the engaging and interesting discussions and conversations that always take place at the GASL Managing Partners Meeting. 

This year's meeting presented attendees with a good opportunity to discuss issues which were specific to the GASL region. With 34 representatives from PrimeGlobal EMEA firms, this year's meeting was another great success. We were also joined by new Central European members, joining from countries such as Poland (Warsaw and Poznan,) and Hungary (Budapest and Prague).

Thank you for joining us at the EMEA GASL Managing Partners Meeting. We look forward to seeing you all again. 

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