Gen Z and The Future of Accountancy (ACCA)

Talent Development
May 7, 2021

This is a paper by PrimeGlobal Global Strategic Partner ACCA which provides details on employer strategies for Gen Z and discusses the future of the accounting profession.

This short paper provides an extract of recommendations for employers from a wider research project that explores the aspirations of the younger generation (Gen Z) as they enter the workplace, in the context of a rapidly transforming world of work. 

Building on ACCA’s global research programme, the report co-led between ACCA and IFAC included a survey of over 9,000 responses across the globe from 18–25 year olds, as well as employer roundtables and third-party research. It examined how the ambitions of younger people will help shape the next generation of work, discussed the strategies organisations should be adopting to help this generation thrive and provided advice for Gen Z themselves in navigating their careers in the next decade of work opportunity. 

The full article and materials can be accessed on the ACCA website HERE>

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