Managing Partner of STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI, Giorgio De Giorgi, Appointed President of FCM

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We are delighted to announce Giorgio De Giorgi, Managing Partner of STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI, has been appointed President of Fédération des Experts Comptables Mediterranéens / Federation of Mediterranean Accountants (FCM)

This is a magnificent achievement and reinforces Giorgio's status as a leader and an expert in the industry. Approaching 50 years in practice, Giorgio has made an incredible contribution, not only to the profession, but to PrimeGlobal as well.

International expertise

Giorgio's exceptional international experience has played a significant role in his success, which he attributes to his passion for travel. 

With a helicopter pilot father, Giorgio discovered his passion for travel from an early age, reinforcing it later as a student working as a travel agency tour leader, which gave him the opportunity to learn new languages and to develop relationships with the different communities he visited.  After university, he began military service where he shared a bunk with a Chartered Accountant, who he credits with helping and encouraging him to pursue a career in accountancy.

Early on in his career, Giorgio recognized the advantage he held over his competitors because of his international approach to business, his ability to speak multiple languages, and his understanding of working with different international communities.  All this enabled him to attract global clients, guiding them through the Italian market, whilst highlighting any differences with their home market and ensuring they maximise their opportunities.

In 1974, Giorgio went on to establish his own firm, STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI, built on an ethos that focuses on putting the firm's clients’ international needs at the heart of their work.

Dedication to the profession and to supporting others

Because of Giorgio's international approach and talent, he began to take up positions on international committees, connecting and collaborating with peers across the globe. In addition to his new position as President of FCM, other positions Giorgio has held throughout his illustrious career include pivotal positions at PrimeGlobal, as a Member of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Board, the Management Committee, and the World Board, and he takes great pride in helping the organization grow and be successful. 

Giorgio is one of our most emblematic ambassadors of PrimeGlobal. Recognized by everyone as an expert in his field, he is also a true defender of our values and has become a great friend for so many PrimeGlobal members. On a personal note, I will never forget the first day we met (he was one of my interviewers when I applied for the position at PrimeGlobal) and the way he made me incredible motivated to join PrimeGlobal. Giorgio is a huge gift for all of us. Thierry Delvaux, Executive Director of EMEA, PrimeGlobal

In January 2022, Giorgio will take up the position of President of FCM, a tremendous achievement and a recognition of Giorgio's remarkable contribution to the profession. FCM is a non-profit association and its mission is to foster cooperation and knowledge sharing between professional accounting bodies accross the Mediterranean region, with the aim of helping them achieve and maintain high professional and quality assurance standards. Giorgio's appointment to President at FCM demonstrates, not only his position as a leader and an expert within the profession, but also his dedication to supporting and developing others.

Career highlights

Sharing knowledge and supporting others is a highlight for Giorgio, with him equally enjoying helping both his clients and his colleagues to achieve their goals. As well as through his work at STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI and FCM, he also enjoys collaborating with his peers at PrimeGlobal and he appreciates being able to connect with colleagues across the world and at all levels of seniority. 

Giorgio places great emphasis on building a culture of trust at STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI, ensuring all staff are respected, supported, and encouraged to be themselves, and similarities and differences are both celebrated equally.  He takes great pride in his business being a family business and one of his biggest achievements is that the firm will continue onto the next generation, with his son Alberto De Giorgi taking over in the future. When asked what advice Giorgio would give to peers early on in their careers, he provided the following guidance:

Giorgio De Giorgi 200X200
"Deal with clients' problems as if they are your own - this will ensure not only their success but your own as well." Giorgio De Giorgi, Managing Partner, STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI

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