Quito, Ecuador, November 2020 – GlobalAuditors brings additional Ecuadorian support to PrimeGlobal’s ever-growing Latin American region. The firm boasts multidisciplinary experience, with a particular focus on auditing and tax optimization. Operating for nearly two decades, GlobalAuditors combines professional proficiency and consistent innovation, with an ambitious team driven by a mutual goal to remain at the forefront of the auditing field by delivering specialized and individually tailored services to clients.

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“We are pleased to be part of PrimeGlobal and believe that the association will serve as a platform to internationalize our services while sharing our knowledge and experience, along with our network of contacts in leading multinational firms in Ecuador.” William Morales, Managing Partner at GlobalAuditors
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“The addition of GlobalAuditors to the association brings a valuable resource to our members, adding Ecuadorian expertise along with multinational experience and esteemed business relationships. I look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on the Latin American region and PrimeGlobal as a whole, as they share their extensive knowledge and build connections with fellow member firms.” Estefy Pantoja, PrimeGlobal’s Executive Director for Latin America

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Founded in 2001, GlobalAuditors possesses two decades of professional experience in auditing, accounting, tax and management consulting services. The firm operates out of its home country of Ecuador, but is well-versed in supporting both local and multinational companies. GlobalAuditors prioritizes the delivery of high-quality services, while emphasizing an innovative approach and a consistent desire to improve and develop its offerings. A natural choice for many well-known public companies in Ecuador, GlobalAuditors has inspired confidence in its services by working alongside its clients as a strategic partner, while embodying the independent objectivity expected from an external auditor. The firm champions the importance of risk management, regulatory compliance, ethics and integrity and endeavors to deliver its services in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of Audit. GlobalAuditors aims to maintain a flexible approach when conducting work, ensuring that each client receives tailored services of the highest standard.

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