PrimeGlobal alliance partner Tri Merit recently conducted an interview with Christopher Geier, Partner at PrimeGlobal member firm SIKICH LLP. Below you can access the full recording originally featured on the Tri Merit website. 

As the world and technology continue to change at an ever-increasing speed, so, too, is the way businesses are operating. Accounting firms are diversifying and offering a range of services that are rapidly becoming “the norm.” In this episode, CEO and Managing Partner of PrimeGlobal member firm Sikich LLP, Christopher Geier discusses some of the ways in which this benefits both firms and clients, as well as some interesting thoughts on their hiring philosophy. 

Christopher Geier is the CEO and Managing Partner of Sikich LLP. In addition to leading the overall strategic and financial direction of the firm, he is responsible for large mergers and acquisitions and is a member of the Executive Board. Chris is focused on delivering the highest level of professional client service and creating a dynamic workplace where employees can be successful. Previously, Chris served as the Partner-in-Charge of Advisory Services and Sikich’s investment banking team.

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