PrimeGlobal is delighted to be ranked as one of the top 5 associations globally, following the International Accounting Bulletin 2020 World Survey results published in March. The IAB Survey celebrates excellence in the accounting profession worldwide, and once again confirms PrimeGlobal as one of the top international associations, with member firms’ revenue of over USD2.6B.*

This year, PrimeGlobal has once again retained its ranking and achieved a further 6% growth in the member firm fee income. PrimeGlobal continues to attract member firms of the highest quality, as seen by the 817 PrimeGlobal firm offices worldwide covering greater geography than any other accounting association within the top 10.

In the North America region, the IAB reports significant growth of 7%, as well as a steady 4th place amongst associations in the region. There was also 9% growth in the total staff of PrimeGlobal members across PrimeGlobal member firms in North America. This year’s growth is attributable to new specialist firms joining the association, high member firm retention and significant organic revenue growth of existing member firms.

The IAB continues to report significant growth in the Association’s Europe, Middle East & Africa Region (EMEA), with 5% member firm fee income growth. PrimeGlobal firms have also seen an increase of 32% in member firm fee income in the Middle East, as well as a 30% increase in total staff, as PrimeGlobal continues to offer member firms more opportunities in this sub-region. With the addition of new member firms and the focus on new exciting specialist services, PrimeGlobal continues to expand in the EMEA region and provide  opportunities for members to grow and connect with other PrimeGlobal firms.

Throughout the past 12 months PrimeGlobal has focused on attracting new, quality firms to the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. By working closely with member firms PrimeGlobal now offers new tools and initiatives and a strong value proposition. As we facilitate a growing number of business opportunities for firms in these two regions we look forward to witnessing long term growth and cooperation in Asia Pacific and Latin America. 

* PrimeGlobal reports the combined annual revenue of all independent member firms. PrimeGlobal firms do not share profits or losses