IAB World Survey Reports Higher Growth for PrimeGlobal Than Any Other Top Global Association or Network

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March 16, 2021

The International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) published its renowned World Survey earlier this month. The IAB Survey celebrates excellence in the accounting profession worldwide, and once again confirms PrimeGlobal as one of the top 5 international accounting associations, with member firms’ combined revenue of nearly 3 billion USD and growth of 10%.

According to the Survey, 2020 average revenue growth among the top 10 networks and associations was 2.1%. For associations, average growth was at 1.4%. In the Survey, IAB reported PrimeGlobal member firms’ combined revenue growth of 10%. According to the IAB, PrimeGlobal climbed the rankings this year, with higher revenue growth than that of any other top network or association worldwide. This includes having better growth than any of the Big Four, BDO, RSM and Grant Thornton. Key highlights include: 

  • With 10% combined member firm revenue increase, PrimeGlobal member firms continue to experience growth in all service lines, with the higher revenue growth than any other global association or network.
  • PrimeGlobal reports double digit growth with aggregated member firm revenue of nearly USD $3 billion, with the largest increase in percentage shift globally for Advisory services, with impressive 42% growth for PrimeGlobal firms.
  • In the North America region, the IAB reports significant fee income growth of 14%, the highest growth among the top 10 associations and networks. North America also reports 15% firm staff growth and presence in 233 locations
  • PrimeGlobal reinforced its global presence by increasing the total number of firm staff by 7% and countries from 85 to 90, with coverage across 852 locations.
Steve Heathcote Prime Global Ceo
“Despite the challenges that have been posed by COVID-19, 2019/20 has been an exceptional year for PrimeGlobal member firms, with our members achieving record size, coverage and growth. In addition to this exceptional growth, PrimeGlobal has been named the Association of the Year 2020/21 by the International Accounting Bulletin. Undoubtedly, PrimeGlobal’s culture, diversity and reach is more attractive than ever. I am proud of this, as it means we can help our firms think differently and ensure they have access to the best opportunities and practices.” Steve Heathcote, Chief Executive Officer, PrimeGlobal

The association attributes is growth to new specialist firms joining the association, high member firm retention and significant organic revenue growth of existing member firms. PrimeGlobal is proud that in a world that is becoming increasingly uncertain, the connections which enable member firms to support their clients during times of constant change are more important than ever before. As disruption and transformation shape business and society today, PrimeGlobal is able to help members meet that challenge by building sustainable practices and ensure they emerge from the crisis ready to help clients build for the future.

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PrimeGlobal wins multiple IAB awards

PrimeGlobal Named Association of the Year

PrimeGlobal has been named both the Association of the Year and Sustainable Organization of the Year at the International Accounting Bulletin Digital Accountancy Awards.

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