InCorp's Singapore CEO, Sarjit Singh, Honored by Prime Minister's Office

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September 15, 2021

PrimeGlobal are delighted to announce InCorp Global's CEO (Singapore), Sarjit Singh, has been honored by the Prime Minster's Office Singapore, as part of their National Day Awards.

Established in 1962, the Singapore National Day Awards recognise individuals for their contributions to the nation and Sarjit Singh has been honored with the Public Service Star. Below, Sarjit, an alumi of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, shares his journey and sources of inspiration with the University.

Sarjit Singh has received multiple accolades throughout his illustrious career and for his contributions to the Singapore community.

Before he was awarded The Public Service Star (Bar), Sarjit was a recipient of three awards conferred by the President of the Republic of Singapore – the Public Service Medal (2007), the Public Service Star (2011) and the SkillsFuture Fellowship (2019). Nanyang Technological University has also presented him with the Nanyang Alumni Service Award (2006) and the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award (2012). 

The 54-year-old father of twin girls credits his successes to the many role models around him, especially his late father, who remained resilient and continued serving as a Grassroots Chair by day and a school watchman by night, despite having had a stroke. Recounting fond memories of his father, Sarjit said: “As a little boy, I accompanied him on his walks through the neighbourhood and helped him write down issues that needed to be resolved for the residents. The following day, I would listen to my father calling the relevant authorities to resolve these issues.” 

Sarjit Singh In Corp
“Subsequently, when I followed him through the neighbourhood, the residents would come up to thank my father for his help. I saw the happiness on their faces, and this was the start of my interest and sense of fulfilment in serving the community.” Sarjit Singh, InCorp CEO (Singapore)

His father passed away when Sarjit was ten, however, his father’s passion to serve his community and help others stayed with Sarjit and inspired him to do the same. “From him, I learnt the impact just one person can have on so many lives. I learnt how to creatively solve problems and have a positive impact on those around me. The life skills I learnt from him shaped my character and values.”

Carrying on his father’s legacy and spirit in public service, Sarjit has volunteered in various capacities for multiple public bodies over the years. Currently, he is a District Councillor at Central Singapore Community Development Council and represents Central Singapore on that champions racial and religious harmony. He is also the Vice President of the Singapore Indian Development Association that seeks to “uplift educational aspirations and strengthen social resilience in the Singapore Indian community”. At the same time, he serves as Chairman of the Learning and Assessment Committee - Foundation Programme at the Singapore Accountancy Commission to help build a vibrant and future-ready Accountancy profession in Singapore.

As a “huge believer in giving back”, Sarjit and his wife Kiranjeet Kaur established an endowment fund at NTU in 2010 to support outstanding students in Nanyang Business School. Apart from fundraising for students in need, he was an Adjunct Associate Professor at NTU from 2010 to 2016, where he worked hard to inspire his students to “live their dreams, to learn more, to do more, to share more, and become more”. 

“I believe that having a good role model helps to inculcate the values of good citizenship in the youth as it did in me, and I would like to share this passion with others to ensure that our youth are actively engaged and connected to the community.”

Asked how he would encourage people to be involved in community service, Sarjit said: “The secret source is to surround yourself with people that inspire you, that mean the best and want the best for you.”

He adds: “We always rise, by lifting others. We are rewarded by peace in knowing that we did the right thing in service and in significance.”