PrimeGlobal member firm Joanknecht has recently moved to a new home base at Beemdstraat 36 in Eindhoven. At this hot spot in the financial district of Eindhoven, Joanknecht created an inspiring meeting place. “Not only brand new workplaces but plenty of options to work together with colleagues, clients and related parties from all over the world. Most certainly, we are looking forward to meet you in Eindhoven!”, states Mark-Jan van der Weerden, tax partner at Joanknecht.

For more than 70 years Joanknecht has been situated at several locations across the city of Eindhoven. Now, a new adventure has started with the acquisition of the building at Beemdstraat 36 in Eindhoven. During the last months, Joanknecht completely rebuilt it and made it their own. 

During the next months, lots of work needs to be done on the exterior of the building. It does not yet look like the picture above, but by the end of May, this should be realized. Then, the whole building will meet the wishes of Joanknecht. You can find a sneak peak of the interior of Joanknecht’s new meeting place HERE>

Mark Jan
“We are extremely proud to show you our new Joanknecht home base, inspire you and meet you for a drink or chat in our new business lounge.” Mark-Jan van der Weerden, Tax Partner, Joanknecht

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Joanknecht was founded in 1948 and has been through all cycles of the economy. We uphold the highest standards in professional expertise and customer services. Our successes over the past decades prove that we must be doing something right. At first glance, our package of services seems to have much in common with many other firms. We are convinced, however, that our approach is essentially different. Our objective is to contribute to your success and our firm is equipped to do so. All our employees are dedicated, self-confident and prepared to go the extra mile. Our aim is to help our clients seize their opportunities.

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