PrimeGlobal member firm Kirk Rice (Ascot, UK) worked with fellow PrimeGlobal firm Strada Borghetti Cavo e Associati (Genova, Italy) to help them soft land one of their clients into the UK. Through PrimeGlobal members have access to resources around the world, this provides  endless opportunities for firms to collaborate, grow and build success for their clients. Kirk Rice's Marketing Manager Sarah Newell explains the value of their relationship below.

"Frederico Strada from PrimeGlobal member firm Borghetti Cavo e Associati  got in touch with James Moody, Partner from our Kirk Rice London office to provide assistance to his client to set up a UK based operation in the International Shipping Industry. We assisted both Frederico and his client with their initial queries prior to forming a company for Frederico’s client and we have provided practical guidance on the operating framework in the UK including taxation and compliance matters.

Kirk Rice has worked with many clients over the last thirty years from outside of the UK set up operations here. For businesses new to the UK we have a team of professionals that can be used on demand and as required to support companies in a wide range of services which include taxation, VAT, accounting, outsourcing, cash management, payroll and digital filing of returns. We look forward to working closely with Frederico to help his client grow and succeed in the UK."

Sarah Newell Kirk Rice
"We draw great comfort from being members of PrimeGlobal and the access it gives us to fellow professionals throughout the world which allows us all to provide a much greater service to our clients" Sarah Newell, Marketing Manager, Kirk Rice
Federico Strada Strada Borghetti
"We researched Kirk Rice through the PrimeGlobal website. James and his firm have been very efficient and prepared in meeting my clients needs, both in terms of quality and timing. My client met James shortly after the assistance and he was very impressed by him. I truly and honestly hope to have the opportunity to work together again as this specific collaboration turned out very well." Federico Strada, Partner, Strada Borghetti Cavo e Associati

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