Lane Gorman Trubitt merges with LP 2 Partners

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March 22, 2022 - Lane Gorman Trubitt

PrimeGlobal is delighted to announce Lane Gorman Trubitt has merged with LP 2 Partners, strengthening its offerings to include a full suite of business advisory services in Dallas.

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Lane Gorman Trubitt, LLC (LGT) has executed one of the most significant mergers in the company’s history with the merger of Dallas-based business advisory firm, LP 2 Partners, LLC (LP 2).

Lee Ann Collins Lgt Managing Member
"The talent that the team from LP 2 brings is critical in our firm’s plans moving forward. We have been a successful firm for more than 70 years, and providing additional services led by the LP 2 team will increase our competitive advantage for the next 70.” Lee Ann Collins, LGT managing member

LGT has long been an established name in the accounting industry in Dallas with more than seven decades of offering traditional tax, assurance, consulting, bookkeeping, and financial advisory services. The addition of the talent from the LP 2 merger will round out LGT’s offerings to include a full suite of business advisory services including transactional services like buy/sell due; performance and process improvement; C-suite talent gaps; and turnaround and restructuring services

Tom Peralta Former Managing Partner Of Lp 2 Partners
“We are incredibly excited about this merger with LGT. Getting to know the LGT team and that their culture was one of dedication, quality, and success was so important in guiding our decision to merge. Tom Peralta, former managing partner of LP 2 Partners
Chris Land
“The merger with LGT is the perfect example of two successful firms coming together and being greater than the sum of their parts. Our experience coming from and working with other accounting firms in the past will surely make this a smooth transition.” Chris Lang, former managing partner of LP 2 Partners

Beginning with the merger’s effective date of February 1, 2022, LP 2 has begun consolidating operations into LGT’s corporate office in Uptown Dallas where both teams will ultimately be housed

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Lane Gorman Trubitt

Founded in 1950, Lane Gorman Trubitt, LLC (LGT) is dedicated to serving the middle market. The firm represents a broad range of clients, from individuals to public companies, in a variety of industries. LGT offers traditional services, including accounting, audit, and tax, as well as various other specialized services. LGT believes in its people, and prioritizes hiring the brightest and most talented, and empowering them to deliver the needs of clients. With a team-based and communicative approach, LGT's professionals get the work done right; the first time. The firm also has a unique bundled service approach which ensures service delivery based on a holistic picture; not just a single frame.

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