In the International Accounting Bulletin's April 2020 newsletter PrimeGlobal CEO Steve Heathcote shared his views on how accounting firms can respond to the COVID-19 crisis and what PrimeGlobal member firms are already doing to lead the recovery. PrimeGlobal members are collaborating and connecting throughout this crisis, using digital tools to share insights, offer support and plan for the future. Steve Heathcote explains the steps that accounting firms are taking now to ensure that they are fully prepared and have the correct strategy in place to beat this pandemic. 

PrimeGlobal members continue to share crucial insights and resources about how to beat the coronavirus pandemic. Through PrimeGlobal's dedicated Coronavirus Resource Page we are keeping our members up to date on the latest information and approach to help reduce risk is a priority. 

Coronavirus Resource Page

Learn. Prepare. Plan. Access PrimeGlobal's dedicated resource page and keep up to date on the latest information and approaches.

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