War in Ukraine: Letter to President of EU Council

PrimeGlobal Supports Ukraine
March 29, 2022

On Tuesday March 29 2022, PrimeGlobal issued a letter condemning Putin’s aggression and attack on Ukraine to President Charles Michel and other leading figures of the European Council. The full letter is provided below.

Dear President Charles Michel,

We are writing to you to make a clear statement regarding our position and heartfelt concern as an international association of accountancy firms.  PrimeGlobal currently has over 300 members worldwide covering over 100 countries and we are the 3rd largest accountancy association in the world.  

We are deeply saddened and condemn Putin’s unprovoked and illegal war against Ukraine. He is killing children, women and the elderly all of whom are innocent civilians targeting hospitals including a maternity hospital and schools.

We fully support the 141 nations who voted at the UN that Russia was the aggressor and called to remove troops immediately.

The effects of Putin’s war is now becoming the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the second world war with over 3 million refugees seeking shelter in neighbouring European countries. 

As an association:

  • We are actively and consistently looking at ways we can help Ukrainian refugees and promote humanitarian support
  • We are supporting our member firm in Ukraine
  • We are ensuring that all sanctions against Russia are effective immediately with regard to our members activities. This will be applied now and after the war and we will continue to follow government sanctions. We are prioritising steps which will have an immediate impact.  Our member firms are committed to taking action across Europe and the rest of the world and will avoid doing any business that could support this war

We urge you to take all steps necessary to seek peace so that business activity can return. It will generate the jobs and prosperity which the region and world so badly needs

We hope that this war will soon come to an end and peace restored to Ukraine. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this letter.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Heathcote

CEO, PrimeGlobal