Four PrimeGlobal Member Firms Collaborate on £50 Million Project

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January 5, 2022 - Thomas Westcott, AUDITIA Audit, Tax and Advisory, Yzico, Walsh O'Brien Harnett

The article below explores the collaboration between four PrimeGlobal member firms - Thomas Westcott in the United Kingdom, Yzico in France, Auditia in Spain, and Walsh O’Brien Harnett in Ireland - who maximized their membership of PrimeGlobal to successfully collaborate on a £50 million project. 

This collaboration highlights the opportunities that PrimeGlobal membership brings for developing connections with your peers and increasing business opportunities. 

PrimeGlobal member firm Thomas Westcott were recently invited to tender for the audit of a £50 million manufacturing business with operations in France and Spain, in addition to the UK based Head Office.

The client was a subsidiary of a US parent and this was their first opportunity to seek external auditors outside of the ‘Big 4’ – a relationship which had previously been managed and coordinated by their parent company.

During the tender process, Thomas Westcott was able to demonstrate the strength they could bring as a member of PrimeGlobal via the opportunities for connection and collaboration membership of the association brings. The result was them winning the project and subsequently collaborating with PrimeGlobal member firms Yzico based in France and Auditia based in Spain.

Adam Croney
Quite simply, without the strength of the association and its presence in France and Spain, it would not have been possible to win this new client. We were also able to introduce Irish PrimeGlobal member firm Walsh O’Brien Harnett, who have subsequently secured an audit of a related entity. In terms of how the collaboration has progressed, we have recently completed smooth and efficient stock counts at locations in both France and Spain, leveraging native speakers and local resource in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t worked together and tangibly brought together our collective strength as PrimeGlobal firms. Adam Croney, Partner, Thomas Westcott

Being a member of PrimeGlobal means that you have access to expert international partners who can provide your firm with valuable insights and assistance wherever your business takes you. Through the personal connections and strong relationships that PrimeGlobal firms forge, members are able to provide their clients with unlimited opportunities.

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Founded in 1985, Thomas Westcott is one of the largest and fastest growing independent accountancy practices in the South West of England, with 17 offices across Devon and Somerset. They are a dynamic, top 50 national accountancy firm, offering specialist client service and specialisms which assist their clients in the running of their businesses.

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AUDITIA, with its over 37 years of experience in the market, has a recognized seriousness and prestige. Since the very beginning, the philosophy of the firm has been to answer to the client’s needs through the following: benefit, profitability, growth and continuity. To provide this kind of service requires three axes: qualified staff, specialization and experience. Our staff is sourced by recognised practitioners with the degrees and training required for any particular area of specialization. The areas of service of the Firm are Audit and Assurance, Tax, Accounting, Mercantile and Labour and Business Consulting. We are delivering those services to a national and international multi-industry clientele, based in the country or operating in it.

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YZICO is an accounting and audit firm spread over 25 branches across the north-eastern quarter of France (Grand Est) and Paris. With more than 60 years of experience and with 520 employees and 31 associates, the firm aims to support over 11,000 clients far beyond traditional accounting. YZICO brings expertise to further clients' development in business creation, coaching, development, funding, business strategy, management, human resources, wealth management, digital solutions, retirement, life insurance. The firm's goal is to help entrepreneurs reach their objectives by sharing experience of business management and strategy. In short, the objective is no longer to analyze the past but to use it to build the clients' future.

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Walsh O’Brien Harnett is a leading professional services firm located in the centre of Dublin. We provide advisory, accounting, taxation and audit services to a wide variety of businesses, charities, not-for-profit organisations and individuals. Walsh O’Brien Harnett was formed in 2016 from the merger of two long-established firms, Sherry McNabola Murray and O’Brien Harnett. The merger established us as one of the Top 20 firms in Ireland.

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