This is a thought leadership article by PrimeGlobal member firm Ortiz Leos which provides details on the 2021 minimum wage in Mexico. 

Today the Official Gazette published the Resolution of the National Minimum Wages Commission which sets the general and professional minimum wages in force as of January 1, 2021. 

In general, the minimum wages will be increased by 15%. Its increase was determined considering an absolute amount of the Independent Recovery Amount (MIR in Spanish) plus a factor of 6%. 

Therefore, the minimum wages that will be in force as of January 2021 will be:

It should be noted that the geographic area of the Free Zone of the North Border includes various municipalities in the northern states of the country, such as Ocampo, Acuña, Zaragoza, Jiménez, Piedras Negras, Nava, Guerrero, and Hidalgo, in the State of Coahuila; Anáhuac, in the State of Nuevo León; among others. Hoping that this information is useful, we remain at your service for any clarification or support that you require.

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