Nepa Economic Consulting Reveals New Logo and ESR Framework

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April 28, 2022 - Nepa Economic Consulting

PrimeGlobal member firm Nepa Economic Consulting in Greece has unveiled its new corporate logo, marking a new era for the consulting firm. Nepa’s new logo is reflective of its ambitious growth plans, which encompass the three axes of its ESR framework.  

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Nepa Economic Consulting (‘Nepa’) is pleased to unveil its new logo, which marks a new era for the company as it emerges as one of the top financial advisors in Greece. 

Nepa has accomplished the bulk of its investment program with the purchase of modern offices close to the center of Athens, the completion of its digital transformation, and the addition of specialized partners, financial consultants and accountants in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, and the UK.

The company has also implemented a new service and operating model to offer high-quality financial services; this model combines and leverages the firm’s expertise in business consulting, strategic tax planning, integrated HR and payroll management as well as the trusting relationships it has built with its clients.

Nepa’s new logo is reflective of its ambitious growth plans, which encompass the three axes of its ESR framework, which are outlined below.

The three axes of Nepa's ESR Framework

Environmental Social Responsibility (‘ESR’) is at the heart of Nepa’s growth strategy, and a key element reflected in its new logo. The company is an active member of CSR HELLAS, a Greek network that was founded in 2000 to promote and implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the strategies and operations of businesses and organizations, regardless of their size or sector.

Nepa’s ESR framework has three axes, namely:

Human Resources

  • Continuous training of its staff
  • Protecting its employees' human and labor rights
  • Ensuring equality and meritocracy at all levels


  • Supporting the growth of entrepreneurship by organizing training courses for young and unexperienced accountants
  • Contributing to different volunteer groups and organizations that support disadvantaged members of society
  • Supporting charities


  • Monitoring the company’s environmental footprint and developing ways in order to reduce it through:
    • Recycling paper and plastic
    • Using energy-saving lamps
    • Using cars with anti-pollution technologies in the company’s corporate fleet

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