EMEA 2017 Nordic Baltic Meeting Highlights

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October 30, 2017


This year the PrimeGlobal EMEA 2017 Nordic Baltic Sub-Region Meeting took place in beautiful Copenhagen (Denmark), the city of the PrimeGlobal EMEA Chairman Aage Brink Thomsen. This meeting was a great opportunity to receive an update on the EMEA Region from EMEA CRO Thierry Delvaux, and to hear several interesting speakers, presenting on topics such as ‘Digitalization in the Bank Sector’, with a Guided Tour In The Area Around Kødbyen and a delicious evening meal. 

Thank you to everybody who joined us at the Nordic Baltic Meeting. We look forward to seeing you all again, the next meeting is planned for October 12th 2018 in Stockholm. We would finally like to extend our thanks to Aage Brink Thomsen from Martinsen for hosting us at this fine event! 

Nordic Baltic Meeting Photos

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